Chelsea Berman – Can You Just Not EP

Chelsea Berman - Can You Just Not



4.5/5 Pros

  • Outstanding title track
  • Very nice ballads and country pop songs thereafter
  • Amazing and catching voice Cons

  • Five tracks

Chelsea Berman is an Australian artist I ran into during 2020. I really enjoyed listening to her singles that year like Your Call or Can You Just Not, which is also the title track of her second EP. It will be released on 22nd January 2020. Here is my review.


Chelsea Berman – About The Artist

Chelsea Berman is an Australian artist from New South Wales, who started to perform at the age of eight. She released her debut EP Better Than Ever in 2018, the title track has been the most successful song out of the five recordings. With her 2019 single Kiss Me Like You Miss Me, she for the first time gained some significant audience – and the title track of her 2021 EP Can You Just Not went even better in regards of streams.


Chelsea Berman – Can You Just Not – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Can You Just Not

The EP starts with the title track – a song, which I absolutely loved when it has been published. Reminds me a bit of Kelsea Ballerini, but Chelsea Berman has her very own style. Can You Just Not is one of these tracks which just catch you from its very first moments – lovely one!

2. Your Call

Piano, strings and the presence of the lovely voice of Chelsea Berman: Your Call, which she also released in 2020, is just a lovely ballad. I just have to listen to her. That’s indeed to good thing.

3. Waste My Time

Waste My Time has already been in my New Country Songs playlists. The song is a happy and quite powerful country-pop track. Very good song.

4. It Doesn’t Work Like That

It doesn’t work like
It’s not that easy
I bet you wish
you didn’t need me

Again Chelsea Berman’s voice is just catches me in this rather slow and intimate song. It’s a gem. I absolutely love it.

5. Falling

The EP closes with Falling. The song was new to me when I reviewed the EP, but it is just a song I can relate to, which catches me, which makes me smile. Nice finish of five really nicely done tracks.


Chelsea Berman – Can You Just Not – Spotify

Here is Can You Just Not on Spotify:



Chelsea Berman – Can You Just Not – My View

When I listened to the Can You Just Not for the first time, I fell in love to this voice, to this song, to this artist. I did not listen to her debut EP yet, but this 2021 one and the four additional songs on it tell me that my country music heart was right. Chelsea Berman is definitely an artist to look out for the next years – and a great ambassador of Australian country music, which often feels to be a bit too much out of focus to me. The EP is a Top Pick!, of course.


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