Mark Forster – Musketiere

Mark Forster - Musketiere



3.4/5 Pros

  • Some typical Mark Forster songs
  • Majority of songs comes with good lyrics Cons

  • Very extreme condensing of sound in too many tracks
  • Too few catching songs

A new album by Mark Forster: the German artist took a three year break before he did it again: his 2021 album release is called Musketiere – “Musketeers”. Let’s see if the musical sword is a hit or a miss – album release date has been 13th August 2021.


Mark Forster – About The Artist

Mark Forster was born on 11th January 1983 in Kaiserslautern and grew up in Winnweiler. His father is German, his mother comes from Poland. Thus, his civil name is Mark Cwiertnia – his mother called him Marek. He originally even gave gigs under his civil name, but as this proofed to be impractical, he started using the artist name Forster, named after the road in which his studio is located. Before that, he also worked as a musician and part of a Berlin band, Balboa. In 2012, Forster released his debut album Karton, which made it to the 45th spot in the German album charts. The following album Bauch und Kopf was driven by its first single release Au revior. The song, which is featuring German rapper Sido, went to diamond status in Germany and received a golden record in Austria as well as platinum in Switzerland. Even though the album just made it into the Top 10, it reached double platinum status.

Together with Felix Jaehn, Forster had is only chart leading song in Germany so far, Stimme (2015). However, multiple singles had good sales and boosted the success of the albums Tape (2016, double platinum in Germany) and Liebe (2018, golden record in Germany, Austria Switzerland). Forster has started to study laws, but stopped it in favor of a degree in Economics. He is – depending on the source – the boyfriend or husband of German ESC winner Lena Meyer-Landrut.



Mark Forster – Musketiere – Track by Track

The twelve track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Ok Wow

A bit of singing feeling and a lot of rapping. Is Ok Wow is too long for an intro and too thin for a full song. Take it as it is – which also means it just adds limited value.

2. Willst Du mich (feat. Mathea)

Musketiere features numerous collaborations of Mark Forster and other artists. The first one is with Austrian singer Mathea. A very concentrated recorded with a very reduced touch. The strong rhythm leads to a nice vibe – but overall, the song does not inspire me that much.

3. Drei Uhr Nachts (feat. LEA)

Another collaboration – but a much better one. The Germans loved this song when LEA and Forster released Drei Uhr Nachts (3 o’clock in the night). Again, I feel the key strength of the song is on the arrangement side, the lyrics are okay. But these guys created a catchy listen.

4. Übermorgen

That’s Mark Forster how we started to love him. Catchy, rhythmic elements changing with earworm-alike chorus elements. The result is Übermorgen (“The day after tomorrow”). Not too surprising it has been (by far) the most single release of Musketiere yet – it is simply the best song of the album.

5. Leichtsinn (feat. KitschKrieg)

KitschKrieg is a Berlin team of three music producers. The result of this collaboration is a song, which is extremely concentrated on the lyrics. Just the vocals, the rhythm here and there a piano note. The electronic beeps are bothering. To me, this song does not convince me.

6. Daheim

A quite traditional, classic piano ballad sound by Mark Forster in this song. The track is about all the route and options you have taken before you finally find “Home” – Daheim. A song about love, with a lot of love. Mark Forster manages that you hold on and just listen to his words – which is already quite a good effort.

7. Bist Du Okay (feat. VIZE)

Bist Du Okay (“Are you okay”) is a characteristic song for this album, for Mark Forster 2021. Extremely focused and condensed to the lyrics, just rather short melodic elements. To me, it just works partially – and that is definitely not sufficient for a German music superstar like Mark Forster.

8. Nur Ein Traum

The most dominant melodic element in this song are the strings, which are also doing major parts of the rhythmic work with staccato-alike plays. A song about love. The romantic feeling strings spread typically only works out to me towards the end of the song, unfortunately.

9. Monster

From Nur Ein Traum (“Just a dream”) to a monster in one song. The track is about love as well. A song about staying in bed, hiding in the blanket and feeling safe, even if there are monsters or spaceships. Again, I feel mixed about the song. I definitely love that it comes with the happiness and humor of previous Forster tracks. Sometimes, the song is just too simple, too childish.

10. Mellow Mellow

Another song which is rather a mixture between a melodic song and hip-hop. I feel that Mark Forster is not good enough to really work well on the spoken word side. But this special blend is not too bad, and it does create a nice groove. Bad luck that this song cannot convince me on the lyrics side – and the sample used in the chorus feels rather bothering.

11. Die Gute Seite

If you exclude all songs which have already been released as a single, Die Gute Seite is the best track of the album to me. The collaboration of the piano, rhythm and Mark Forster’s voice creates a nice groove. The gospel-alike background and the strings in the bridge are maybe a bit too much. Soppy schlager elements.

12. Musketiere

The album close with its title track. A very quiet, intimate and personal song. I feel tjat te spmg was a rather brave selection as the latest single release, but it is definitely one of the better recordings of the album.



Mark Forster – Musketiere – Spotify

Here is Musketiere on Spotify:


Mark Forster – Musketiere – My View

Hmm, that’s Mark Forster 2021. The artist underwent quite a metamorphosis as a musician, if you compare him with his beginnings. His style became less balanced, more extreme. If you like this development, you might even praise Musketiere. To me, it is too much in too many parts of the album. Thus, the rating is lower than this talented musician should normally achieve easily.


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