Anchors & Hearts – Guns Against Liberty

Anchors & Hearts - Guns Against Liberty



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very good vocal and instrumental performance
  • Versatile album with interesting collaborations towards the end

New hardcore album from the North of Germany: Anchors & Hearts recorded their fourth album Guns Against Liberty and will release it on 4th June 2021. I ran into their music on a promotion platform and just felt to share their songs with you.


Anchors & Hearts – About The Artists

Anchors & Hearts are a German melodic hardcore band, who also have some punk elements in their music. The five band members formed the band in 2012 in Bremervörde, located between Hamburg and Bremen. Manuel Wintjen is the singer of the band, Tim Söhl singer and bassist. The guitars are played by Timo Buck and Sebastian Gohl, Torben Tost is the drummer of the band. Already during their founding year, they released a self-released EP, Cast Off. So far, they released three albums. The first one was Based on True Stories (2013), followed by Sharkbites (2015) and Across the Borders (2017).


Anchors & Hearts – Guns Against Liberty – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. This is Not a Test

This is Not a Test and Nothing will happen to you, just listen carefully. The 49 second intro does not really spread a good mood. Anchors & Hearts want you to be afraid while listening to their songs, obviously.

2. What If God Was One Of Them?

The first impression I really got of the band. The first thing I really enjoy is the way they made use of the two vocalists of the band. Either in some sort of vocal battle or sometimes simply joining forces – together with the good work on the drums and guitars, the song is definitely a good listen.

3. The President

The band strongly emphasizes that they do music with a strong politic message – and so they do in the third song as well

So, if you praise the president – you wanna get lost!
Do you wanna throw your life away?

The melodic parts are really catching as well. Good song, good melody. Well done!

4. Guns Against Liberty

Guns Against Liberty starts with sirens, before the riffs are hammering through the speakers and later the melodic parts take control of the songs. The title track is a nice representant of the band’s music.

5. The City Sleeps

Even though the band touches a very different topic, I miss surprising elements in The City Sleeps. The song feels very similar to Guns Against Liberty. The sing-a-long parts might be cool for their next tour, though.

6. Why Don’t We Try?

In Why Don’t We Try?, the band does not give the instruments too much of a break – most of the time, riffs are hammering, one chords after another, even when the vocalists are on. They just get a little space towards the end of the song. Sometimes hard to understand – but overall, this turns the song into a good and powerful listen.

7. Turn That Page

Turn that page even though you know we’ll turn it back someday, anyway
What doesn’t kill you makes you last forеver
What doesn’t fill you makes you wish you’rе better

Keyboard elements give a different flavor to this song, which overall feels a bit more “dirty” and thus has a stronger punk touch than other songs of the album. I definitely enjoy listening to Anchors & Hearts in this song.

8. Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound was the last release of the band before the album. Maybe they already call it a ballad – I feel it is a nice rock song with touch of a shanty sing-a-long qualities. No shouting, not too hard riffs – one for the softer listeners…

9. Lies For The Liars

The eighth song was the little break to relax – Lies For The Liars is back at full force. A straight metalcore song which a lot of potential to be fun on a concert show. Good!

10. Insecurities (feat. Maddy of About Monsters)

At Insecurities, the band is doing quite melodic and is even joined by a female vocalist, Maddy of the band About Monsters. Cool song, very catchy and an overall good listen. Love it!

11. 2021 (feat. Nic of Defy Your Dreams)

The final track is a song for fans of shouting, nice breaks between the rather aggressive and melodic party. The band saved one of the quickest songs for last. Good finale.


Anchors & Hearts – Guns Against Liberty – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once the album has been published. 


Anchors & Hearts – Guns Against Liberty – My View

Good stuff! Anchors and Hearts know how to play their instruments, they do great in the vocals. Last, but not least, the collaborations at the end of the album give some nice final touch of the album. Punk is flashing up here and then – but overall, if you like metalcore, this album is definitely a good option for you!


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