Canaan Smith – High Country Sound

Canaan Smith - High Country Sound



4.8/5 Pros

  • A wide range of songs and emotions
  • Very well written songs with lovely lyrics
  • Very entertaining high class modern country album

Canaan Smith felt to become quite a big name in the country music business when he was on top of the charts with Love You Like That. Nonetheless, it took him quite a while to release another album. Six years after his debut, Smith is back in Spotify, iTunes and record stores with High Country Sound. The album has been released on 2nd April 2021.

Canaan Smith – About The Artist

Canaan Smith is a country music artist from Dillsboro in Indiana, just a bit of West of Cincinnati. He was born on 24th August 1982 there and graduated in Williamsburg, Virginia. At the age of 27, he moved to Nashville. His initial steps in Music City were as a writer – and already one of his first co-writes, Runaway by Love and Theft, became a Top 10 Billboard Hot Country Song. As a solo artist, he started to release music in 2011. His debut single We Got Us made it to the US Country Top 50.

Two years later, his second single Love You Like That was already his biggest hit so far. The song topped the US country airplay and went second in the country charts. This platinum record single also boosted the corresponding album, Bronco, the year thereafter. He sold some 40,000 units and climed up to the fourth spot in the US Country Album Charts. After two non-album singles in 2017, he stopped released solo stuff until 2020, when Colder Than You was the first single of the High Country Sound album


Canaan Smith – High Country Sound – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Grounded

If you like modern country music, Grounded feels like a wonderful friendly welcome, like a musical hug for your heart. A song with an easy, but catching melody and good lyrics.

2. Mason Jars & Fireflies

We was just some barefoot mountain kids
Cannon-balling off the bridge
Running like a runaway train
I remember holler honeysuckle smell
Drinking from the neighbor’s well
Burning through some hot as hell days
Turn it back in the backwoods
Come right around sundown
Yeah, the getting got real good
‘Cause that’s when they come out

The second song of the album is more rhythmic, feels much more like a dance. Ain’t it beautiful how Smith is setting the scene, telling you his story in this story. Traditonal and down-to-Earth, but also modern enough to be a good listen for a wide range of people wearing boots.

3. Colder Than You

Colder Than You was the first single release of this album. 2.5 million Spotify streams so far give a strong message: this guy is doing really good music. A song for the rather emotional moments in life.

4. High Country

High Couintry is again a song which is a good option for your next country music party. The upbeat track is a nice one for a slow dance in the sunset.

5. Catch Me If You Can (feat. Brent Cobb)

For the next song, Canaan Smith is joined by Brent Cobb. The beat is a bit quicker and is stomping in the background – hard to resist this one. Nice blending between guitar and fiddle sounds.

6. Cabin In The Woods

Cabin In The Woods has been another release before the album. Again, 1.5m Spotify streams already is quite an impressive figure.

At that old cabin in the woods sitting down by the river
On a September night, I’ll always remember
We were sippin’ round the fire singing old John Denver
Life was feeling good
At that old cabin in the woods
We were young, beer was cold
At that old cabin in the woods

The song is about teenage memories – and again, Canaan Smith just comes with a very straight and authentic style of narrating the story. One of the most beautiful songs of the album to me.

7. American Dream

American Dream is a quite powerful and widely instrumented song. Nice melody, so that you absolutely enjoy to listen to these tunes.

8. Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virginia, you’re always on my mind
Sweet Virginia, I go there all the time
They say that you’re for lovers
And I’d have to agree
‘Cause there ain’t never been another ever loved me
Like sweet Virginia

This song is about Virgina Rose Smith, the daughter Canaan Smith has together with his wife Christy Hardesty. A really beautiful way a father describes his love to his daughter.

9. Still

Still comes with a stronger touch of pop and mainstream. It is just an easy and enjoyable listen – other songs may add more character to the album.

10. Like I Ain’t Missin’ You

The sound of the song changes quite a lot from Still to Like I Ain’t Missin’ You. In this tenth track, Smith is telling how he tried to get over the breakup from his long-time girlfriend – which includes fooling other girls and alcohol. A very straight song, which is melancholic, but also very intimate and impressive.

11. Highway Blues

The Highway Blues, which is in fact having a nice blues touch, is about the emotions on a long drive on the highway. I like the groove of the song, which makes a memorable listener’s experience.

12. Losin’ Sleep Over A Girl

And then there is the highlight, the twelfth song of High Country Sound. Canaan Smith finishes the album with a lovely love letter to the two ladies in his life, his wife and his daughter. Such a beautiful and emotional way to finish this album.


Canaan Smith – High Country Sound – Spotify

Here is High Country Sound on Spotify:


Canaan Smith – High Country Sound – My View

High Country Sound just got everything. There are great melodies, touching stories. There are emotions – but there is also time to have a good time and to party. The album is a great one – and I am quite sure you will enjoy listening to it as well. Top Pick!, for sure. in Indianapolis

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