Jenn Bostic: Take My Heart (Part 1)

If you ask people in the country music business about Jenn Bostic, I almost guarantee that you get a very positive answer. I felt so gifted after I met her at a songwriters round right before the CMA Fest 2019 in Nashville. On 19th November 2019, Jenn released a new EP, Take My Heart, Part 1.


Jenn Bostic – About The Artist

Jenn Bostic was born in 1986 in Philadelphia, but raised, in Minnesota. She is releasing music since 2009. Apart from country music, Bostic is also releasing Christian songs. Her by far most successful song so far was Jealous Of The Angels, which for example topped the UK iTunes Charts. It deals with the death of her father James Reagan Bostic, who died in a car accidient when Jenn was ten years old. The song is an amazing piece of songwriting. Bostic released four albums and one EP so far.


Jenn Bostic – Take My Heart (Part 1)  – Track By Track

The EP contains six tracks, which last 23 minutes. There was no previously released track.

1. Take My Hand

The EP starts with the title track – and it is a bombastic start. Not really what I expected of Jenn, but a very atmopsheric song with a touch of electric music. Her voice is dominating the track – just love to listen to it.

2. Wrestling

The second track, Wrestling, has a lot of power as well. A nice change of very quiet, intimate moments and powerful, partially very pop-alike parts – but the constant of the arrangement stays Jenn’s catching voice. Impressive track!

3. Holy

Holy is a very lovely, soft, gentle song which has a lot of atmosphere in it.

4. God of Big Dreams

God of Big Dreams has a touch of gospel. More than a nice track, definitely, though I am not too much into Christian music. It just catches you.

5. Praise You

Praise You is another masterpiece of songwriting, which could also be a church song: very slow, majestic, but also impressive. Nice track.

6. Tell Me Again (Immanuel)

Strings, piano, a lot of atmosphere – this is just a lovely christmas song to conclude the album. Well done!


Jenn Bostic – Take My Heart (Part 1)  – Spotify

Spotify allows you to give the album a listen:


Jenn Bostic – Take My Heart (Part 1)  – My View

In case you are gifted to meet her, Jenn Bostic is just an amazing person. Take My Heart (Part 1) is a very personal, intimate and also spiritual piece of her musical work. I am not religious at all and typically don’t like religious music, but Bostic even breaks that barrier in my heart. The EP covers six wonderful songs which illustrate what Jenn Bostic is on stage: an amazing and fascinating person as in real life. Absolutely worth listening to!

By the way, Jenn Bostic features this video about the EP on her Youtube account: Media Reviews

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