Jody Direen – Smokin’ Ashes

Jody Direen - Smokin' Ashes



4.1/5 Pros

  • Ten good songs
  • Very characteristic voice and songwriting
  • Nice bandwidth of atmospheres

I did not have too many new releases for 3rd July 2020 on my list. The more I felt interested when I ran into the new album by Jody Direen, Smokin’ Ashes – first of all because I liked the sound, and on top of that, you just do not run too often into country music by a New Zealand artist. Here is my review.


Jody Direen – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I could not find too much information about Jody Direen. She is born in New Zealand, but in the meantime moved to Australia, also due to the larger country music community there. Smokin’ Ashes is already her fourth album. Her debut Here we go has been released in 2012, followed by the 2015 Breaks Out and the 2016 Shake Up. She already gained quite some popularity in the meantime. For example her Gimme The Beat has nearly been stream 250,000 times already. She played at the Australian version of the C2C Festival and also has been supporting act for some big names in the business, for example Kenny Rogers.


Jody Direen – Smokin’ Ashes – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 32 minutes.

1. My Fire

Wow, this is powerful. My Fire is definitely a good introduction to this set of ten musical tales. Very modern sound. The contrast between the verses and the chorus is maybe a bit too much for me. Still, like it!

2. All Nighter

Okay, Miss Direen, you got me! That one is a modern, great listen-to country track, definitely. Cool track.

3. Bow & Arrow

We go together like bow and arrow – again, I like that fresh sound of the New Zealand artist. This time, there is even a small guitar solo. Really powerful track, cool listen!

4. The Thing Is

Especially the beginning of The Thing Is has a touch of Taylor Swift to me. Overall, the rhythmic track is a quite slow one. But it has a special touch – even though it has quite a pop music touch.

5. Nothing But good

There is that Taylor touch again… Or is it more Kelsea? If I mention these two names, the song cannot be too bad. It is young, fresh, cheeky, rhythmic. Really good stuff!

6. Cigarette

There are even some fierce parts in Cigarette, which is another nice composition. Jody Direen got her own style, but still, there is some versatility in the tracks.

7. Fireworks

Is that already a ballad, Jody Direen style? At least the track is a bit slower than the tracks before – which also gives a bit more of a classic country music touch.

8. Lovers Tonight

The rhythmic, swinging sound of Lovers Tonight is a quite unique touch on the album. Feels a lot like a summer party. Who could say no if a lady says Let’s Be Lovers Tonight like that?

9. Look You Up

This acoustic guitar track is a another really good listen again. Did I mention that I love listening to Direen’s voice

10. Four on the Floor

Four on the Floor is finishing the album with another powerful song. Nice range of tracks!


Jody Direen – Smokin’ Ashes – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Smokin’ Ashes:


Jody Direen – Smokin’ Ashes – My View

Smokin’ Ashes might not be ready for the absolute top rankings, but the album is definitely damn close to it. I like the refreshing sound, which is clearly diverting from the Nashville mainstream. A very characteristic voice, powerful songs – absolutely worth a listen!



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