Max Paul Maria – Paradigm Beach

Max Paul Maria - Paradigm Beach



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice rock album with different genre influences
  • Very entertaining sounds

It is already some six years ago since the Berlin-based artist Max Paul Maria released his last album Figurines. On 25th May 2022, he came back into the record stores with his new song collection, Paradigm Beach. Here is my album review.


Max Paul Maria – About The Artist

Max Paul Maria grew up in Freiburg in Southern Germany. His initial musical background has rather been in the punk and hardcore area. In the later 2000’s decade, he decided to move to Berlin and make music on the stages on the city. His music became more and more successful, leading to the 2013 debut album MIles & Gallons, which has been recorded in Lisbon, Portugal. He did punk music as well until the mid 2010’s. In 2016, Max Paul Maria released his second album Figurines.


Max Paul Maria – Paradigm Beach – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. The Big Vacation

the Big Vacation already sets some direction for the album: a touch of folk, a bit of rock and some Americana vibes… And… some more… It is really hard to define a genre for this album, this sound. Great voice and an opener, which stays in your mind after listening, indeed.

2. A Sport And A Pastime

A Sport And A Pasttime has likely been the key single release before the album has been published. The song has a nice, fluent style, is a bit stronger on the Americana and rock tunes. Good listen.

3. House Of Love

The guitars don’t need to for too thrilling and complicated sounds in this song, the House of Love is putting its spotlights on the storytelling indeed. The longer the song is running, the less shy it feels – and the more Max Paul Maria and his band also show nicer chords and riffs. Finally, the raspy voice stays the dominating element of the track, though.

4. Cops

Cops is moving the album strongly towards indie-rock sounds – you just cannot neglect a certain touch of punk music in this song as well. A track with a lot of social critics.

5. A Silken Thread

The press kit to the album states that the song sounds like it would have been written to Adele. I can’t really relate to that statement, but I really like the way Max Paul Maria makes use of the time he has to tell his stories in the second longest track of the album. Rocking, powerful statements break down to very quiet, almost melancholic moments. Good listen.

6. Sidi Ifni 1974

Not sure if Max Paul Maria is referencing to to Moroccan city or the graphics by Frank Stella here, the song feels a bit chaotic and works with a lot of melodic lines and instruments in parallel. Not my favorite track on the album.

7. Orphans

Orphans is a familiar sound to fans of the artist: Max Paul Maria released this song as part of his debut album. Nice song with a good vibe.

8. Paradigm Beach

The title track of the album is a nice straight rocker. I don’t hear the influences of Nirvana, to which the press kit is trying to point me. But finally, who cares? Straight-forward, good to listen to song.

9. Life Upon A Hill

Life Upon A Hill is the longest song of the album. The six minute experience starts rather slow and laid back, but later surprises with some rougher rock tracks. A touch of 1970’s rock, before the song steps back to rather quiet sounds. Nice forth and back.

10. American Friend

The American Friend has a flavor of British rock to me. A good was to say good-bye from this album. Very catchy song.


Max Paul Maria – Paradigm Beach – Spotify

Here is Paradigm Beach on Spotify:


Max Paul Maria – Paradigm Beach – My View

Overall, Paradigm Beach is a really nice German album, which is doing well in using very different melodic and musical elements. I had a really good time with these 38 minutes.


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