Rock of Ages – International Dates of the Musical in 2023

After I gave you an overview of 2022 European appearances of my favorite musical Rock of Ages, I felt to do the same overview for 2023 as well. As I am typically scanning for worldwide shows anyway, I will this time also include non-European shows, especially appearances in North America. As I did in my 2022 posting, I will update this page regularly. After the overview on the UK and the German tour, I give you the other shows I found in chronological order – more performances to be added.


Rock of Ages – the UK (and International) Tour

From end of January until at least June 2023, the UK cast will be back on tour. So far it is not confirmed, but there may also be some international dates in this tour. Here are the 2023 tour dates of the British cast of Rock of Ages:

31.1. – 4.2.2023 Peterborough – New Theatre
7. – 11.2.2023 Bromley – Churchill Theatre
14. – 18.2.2023 Aberdeen – Her Majesty’s Theatre
20. – 25.2.2023 Blackpool – Winter Gardens
27.2. – 4.3.2023 Truro – Hall for Cornwall
14. – 18.3.2023 Manchester – Opera House
21. – 25.3.2023 Barnstaple – Queen’s Theatre
2. – 6.5.2023 Llandudno – Venue Cymru
9. – 13,5,2023 Crewe – Lyceum Theatre
16. – 20.5.2023 Hull – New Theatre
23. – 27.5.2023 Wolverhampton – Grand Theatre
31.5. – 3.6.2023 Oostend (Belgium) – Kursaal
13. – 17.6.2023 Newcastle – Theatre Royal
20. – 25.6.2023 Swansea – Grand Theatre

Rock of Ages – the German / Austrian Tour

On 23.9.2023, the promoter ShowSlot finally confirmed that there will be a German tour of Rock of Ages in 2023. The dates are majorly in parallel to the UK Tour. The tour website states that the songs will be original, while the chats are translated to German, in line with the typical German translation by Holger Hauer. The dates are a bit of scattered, so I go for individual ones in the list below. If no time is given, shows start at 19:30. The shows I am aiming to visit are given in bold letters. The promoter homepage states that there will be Swiss and Austrian tour dates as well. The Austrian dates have been added in the meantime. There is also a preview / premiere in Munich in contrast to the original announcements

Tu 04.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater Preview
We 05.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater Premiere
Th 06.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Sa 08.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater (15:00 & 19:30)
Su 09.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater (14:30 & 19:00)
Mo 10.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Tu 11.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater
We 12.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Th 13.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Fr 14.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater
Sa 15.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater (15:00 & 19:30)
So 16.04.2023 Munich – Deutsches Theater (14:30 & 19:00)
Th 20.04.2023 Bremen – Metropol Theater Bremen
Fr 21.04.2023 Bremen – Metropol Theater Bremen
Sa 22.04.2023 Bremen – Metropol Theater Bremen (14:30 & 19:30)
Su 23.04.2023 Bremen – Metropol Theater Bremen (14:30)
Mo 24.04.2023 Berlin – Admiralspalast
Tu 25.04.2023 Berlin – Admiralspalast
We 26.04.2023 Berlin – Admiralspalast
Th 27.04.2023 Berlin – Admiralspalast
We 03.05.2023 Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
Th 04.05.2023 Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
Mo 08.05.2023 Bochum – RuhrCongress
Tu 09.05.2023 Bochum – RuhrCongress
Su 14.05.2023 Cologne (Deutz) – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Mo 15.05.2023 Cologne (Deutz) – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Tu 16.05.2023 Cologne (Deutz) – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
We 17.05.2023 Cologne (Deutz) – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Th 18.05.2023 Cologne (Deutz) – Theater am Tanzbrunnen
Fr 19.05.2023 Offenburg – Oberrheinhalle
Sa 20.05.2023 Offenburg – Oberrheinhalle
Th 25.05.2023 Mannheim – Rosengarten
Fr 26.05.2023 Mannheim – Rosengarten
Sa 27.05.2023 Mannheim – Rosengarten (14:30 & 19:30)
Mo 29.05.2023 Stuttgart – Liederhalle Hegelsaal
Tu 30.05.2023 Stuttgart – Liederhalle Hegelsaal
We 31.05.2023 Stuttgart – Liederhalle Hegelsaal
Fr 02.06.2023 Dusseldorf – Capitol Theater
Sa 03.06.2023 Dusseldorf – Capitol Theater (14:30 & 19:30)
Su 04.06.2023 Dusseldorf – Capitol Theater (14:30)
Th 08.06.2023 Solingen – Theater und Konzerthaus
Fr 09.06.2023 Solingen – Theater und Konzerthaus
Th 15.06.2023 Frankfurt – myticket Jahrhunderthalle
Fr 16.06.2023 Frankfurt – myticket Jahrhunderthalle
Sa 17.06.2023 Frankfurt – myticket Jahrhunderthalle (14:30 & 19:30)
Su 18.06.2023 Frankfurt – myticket Jahrhunderthalle (14:30)
Tu 20.06.2023 Linz (Austria) – TipsArena
We 21.06.2023 Linz – TipsArena
Th 22.06.2023 Linz – TipsArena
Tu 27.06.2023 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle
We 28.06.2023 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle
Th 29.06.2023 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle
Fr 30.06.2023 Vienna – Wiener Stadthalle

Other International Shows

Here are other international shows in chronological order (by the opening night date).


January to February 2023 – Winter Garden FL, USA

A show which I spotted rather late is the one at the Garden Theatre in Winter Garden, Florida. The city is located at Lake Apoopka, West of Orlando. They play almost twenty shows, most of them in February 2023.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Garden Theatre
Dates: 25.01.2023 – 26.02.2023
Tickets: 35 to 75 USD
Website: Theatre



February to May 2023 – Toronto, Canada

Toronto is rocking: The Canadians are hosting a “reimagined” version of the musical. I will be there on 12th March 2023, when Journey will in parallel play at the Scotiabank Arena – interesting opportunity to see Don’t Stop Believin’ from two perspectives in one day. There are quite a bunch of shows in the centrally located and beautiful Elgin Theatre, so that this show is likely a highlight of the 2023 Rock of Ages calendar.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Elgin Theatre
Dates: 23.02.2023 – 20.05.2023
Tickets: Roughly 80 to 150 CAD
Website: Production



February / March 2023 – Ridgefield, CT, USA

This Connecticut show is starting in parallel to the Toronto one. There is an overall of twenty performances, Thursday to Saturday (Saturday matinee and evening, Sunday matinee only). Ridgefield is located a some one hour to 90 minutes drive North of New York City and thus a quite attractive destination, even if you are traveling from more distant locations.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Non-profit professional theatre
Venue: ACT of Connecticut
Dates: 23.02.2023 – 19.03.2023
Tickets: Roughly 65 USD
Website: Theater


March 2023 – Tacoma, WA, USA

In March, Rock of Ages is hitting the West Coast. The cast seems to be recruited from the University of Washington. Quite a lot of show dates, though – they practically pay any Friday, Saturday and Sunday in March 2023 in the Tacoma Little Theatre, South of Seattle.

Show facts:

Ensemble: University Theatre
Venue: Tacoma Little Theatre
Dates: 3.03.2023 – 26.03.2023
Tickets: 29 USD
Website: Theater


March / April 2023 – Havre de Grace, MD, USA

This is a show on the East Coast. The theater looks quite professional, even though the price is suggesting that the show is driven by amateurs. The general admission is just 15 USD – but you can have special tables with your party for a higher fee. Looks interesting

Show facts:

Ensemble: Amateur
Venue: The Starte Theater of Havre de Grace
Dates: 24.03.2023 – 26.03.2023
Tickets: from 15 USD
Remarks: Special table seats available
Website: Eventbrite


April to June 2023 – Edmonton, AB, Canada

There are quite a lot of shows in Edmonton in 2023. The Mayfield is a so-called dinner theater, so that there are brunch and dinner shows. The theater is located in the Western part of the city. I would definitely love to see a show there, but it is likely not realistic. Definitely a good destination for a North American RoA show next year.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Mayfield Dinner Theatre
Dates: 4.04.2023 – 11.06.2023
Tickets: 90 to 120 CAD
Remarks: Dinner Theatre
Website: Theater


April 2023 – Davenport, IA, USA

Four shows in the week after Easter – this one is a high school theater show. Cool to see that even in the younger generation playing musicals and rocking are still a topic. The show is a teen edition one, with less explicit contents and a shorter runtime, though.

Show facts:

Ensemble: High School Theater
Venue: Central High School
Dates: 13.04.2023 -16.04.2023
Tickets: 10 USD
Remarks: Teen Edition
Website: Eventbrite


April 2023 – Greensboro, NC, USA

I flew to Greensboro in the early 2000’s for a Tennis Davis Cup. I really enjoyed the area there. This one seem to be non-professional shows, the ticket prices are very comfy as well. The theater is located at the edge of the UNCG campus.

Show facts:

Ensemble: CVPA School of Theatre
Venue: UNCG / Taylor Theatre
Dates: 14.04.2023 – 22.04.2023
Tickets: 5 to 20 USD
Website: Ensemble


April to June 2023 – Babylon, NY, USA

This show is very tempting to be added to my travel plans (bad luck that there is a lot of things to do in this period…): Babylon is located on Long Island and just an hour away by the Long Island Rail Road from Pennsylvania Station in Manhattan. This one could be a really interesting show.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional Ensemble
Venue: The Argyle Theatre at Babylon Village
Dates: 27.04.2023 – 18.06.2023
Tickets: 59 to 79 USD
Website: Theater


April / May 2023 – Naples, FL, USA

The G&L Theatre shows eleven shows of Rock of Ages in April and May. Naples is definitely a nice destination in Florida, timing is good (right before the rain season). The G&L Theatre, also named TheatreZone, is located close to the the I-75

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: The G&L Theatre at the Community School of Naples
Dates: 27.04.2023 – 7.05.2023
Tickets: 50 to 65 USD
Website: Theatre


April / May 2023 – Täby (Stockholm), Sweden

A show which I would likely visit – if I wasn’t on vacation in Iceland at that day. Täby is a suburb of Stockholm and very easy to each. I in fact have been at the complex, where the theater is located, multiple times for floorball.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Likely amateur theater
Venue: Tibble Teater
Dates: 28.04.2023 – 6.05.2023
Tickets: 250 SEK
Ticket website


April / May 2023 – Midland, TX, USA

Midland, Texas, is a very well-sounding name for country music lovers – there is a band with the according name coming from the city. The Midland Community Theater is hosting a total of six shows, tickets don’t go on sale before April 2023, so that I have no idea about pricing and cast

Show facts:

Ensemble: ???
Venue: Midland Community Theatre
Dates: 28.04.2023 – 13.05.2023
Tickets: unknown


May / June 2023 – Wichita, KS, USA

Unfortunately, I have very limited information about this version of the show, tickets go on sale in early April 2023. However, the venue is outstanding and this might be the largest Rock of Ages show this year, as the amphitheater features about ten thousand lawn chair seats. The last two days of the schedule feature a matinee as well, so that it is an overall of seven shows (or more than 70k people potentially…). The director and choreographer is former RoA Broadway cast Eric Sciotto, by the way. Sounds outstanding.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Capitol Federal Amphitheater
Dates: 31.05.2023 – 04.06.2023
Tickets: unknown


June 2023 – Waterville, ME, USA

I always dreamed of going to Maine one day – it is the only New England state I have bit visited in my life. I could not find out anything about the cast – ticket prices are at least very affordable. Waterville is about a one hour drive from Bangor or a three hour drive from Boston away. One of these “Would love to see that, but it is unrealistic to go there” shows.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional?
Venue: Waterville Opera House
Dates: 16.6.2023 – 25.6.2023
Tickets: 27 to 29 USD
Website: Theatre


June 2023 – Eau Claire, WI, USA

Eau Claire is about 90 minutes away from Minneapolis / Saint Paul. The theater is located in the heart of the city, at the confluence of Cippewa and Eau Claire River. Feels like an interesting place – unfortunately, quite remote to get there from Europe.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Pablo Center at the Confluence
Dates: 22.6.2023 –  25.6.2023
Tickets: 35 USD
Website: Theatre



June / July 2023 – Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Theatre Cedar Rapids is showing a total of eighteen shows of Rock of Ages in June and July 2022. It is quite an interesting place with a Czech / Slowak history. The theatre is centrally located.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Theatre Cedar Rapids
Dates: 23.6.2023 – 23.7.2023
Tickets: 18 to 48 USD
Website: Theatre


June to July 2023 – Caroline Springs, Vic, Australia

As far as I read, you currently cannot perform the full version of Rock of Ages in Australia for legal rights. Thus, this show might be a nice opportunity for fans from Down Under. The city is located at the very edge of Melbourne. While the Eventbrite site states that the Teen Edition is performed, the banner used is the High School Edition.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Junior theater group
Venue: Caroline Springs Performing Arts Centre
Dates: 29.6.2023 – 8.7.2023
Tickets: 27 AUD
Website: Eventbrite


July 2023 – Hackettstown, NJ, USA

Hackettstown is hosting eight shows in July 2023. Even though the price is low, I learned that they are an professional theater. The town is not that far from New York City / New Jersey City – so this one might be worth a trip.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Sitnik Theatre
Dates: 6.7.2023 – 16.7.2023
Tickets: 18 to 30 USD
Website: Company


July 2023 – Hendersonville, NC, USA

Nine shows at the Hendersonville Theatre in North Carolina – unfortunately my information about this show is sparse, also due to some website security issues. The town is located South of Ashville – or a two hour drive away from Charlotte.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Amateur?
Venue: Hendersonville Theatre
Dates: 7.7.2023 – 23.7.2023
Tickets: 21 to 30 USD
Website: Ticketing
July to September 2023 – Chicago, IL, USA

This feels like one of the most interesting shows of the year to me. Quite a long residency in Chicago – would definitely be cool to see it!

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Mercury Theater
Dates: 13.07.2023 – 10.09.2023
Tickets: 49 to 85 USD (Saturday)


July 2023 – Sacramento, CA, USA

As this one is a combination of a workshop already starting in June 2023 and four performances in July, I guess that this one is rather an educational project or musical school.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Musical School?
Venue: Sacramento Theatre Company
Dates: 20.07.2023 – 23.07.2023
Tickets: unknown
Website: Theatre


August / September 2023 – Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

Getting as close as it gets this year to Born and raised in South Detroit? Grand Bend is a city close to the Ontario-Michigan border. They play an overall of 32 shows in August and September 2023, so that this might be a rather nice production. Prices are rather moderate, though… Could not find out too much more about them.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Professional
Venue: Huron Country Playhouse
Dates: 9.8.2023 – 3.9.2023
Tickets: 55 CAD
Website: Theatre


August 2023 – Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

You rarely get to see the Teen Edition of the musical. Thus, having this school theater performance could be an interesting one – especially if you happen to be in Scotland uring one of the four performances.

Show facts:

Ensemble: School theater
Venue: Gardyne Theatre
Dates: 23.8.2023 – 26.8.2023
Tickets: 7 GBP
Website: City Event Website
September 2023 – Haddon Township, NJ, USA

The Ritz Theatre Co. is a non-profit theater company in the Haddon Township, just East of Philadelphia. They also run their own stage and have quite a lot of shows in September 2023. Might definitely be fun to watch.

Show facts:

Ensemble: Non-profit amateur theater
Venue: Ritz Theatre
Dates: 8.9.2023 – 24.09.2023
Tickets: 27 USD
Website: Theater company


November 2023 – Ipswich, United Kingdom

Thanks a lot – a British college is perfoming my favorite musical (in the stripped down Teen Edition) on my birthday (and two other dates). Might be a fun trip – but I will very, very likely not do it 🙂

Show facts:

Ensemble: College
Venue: One Six Form College
Dates: 15.11.2023 – 17.11.2023
Tickets: 10 GBP
Remarks: Teen Edition
Website: Ticketing



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