Lo Moon – Modern Life

Lo Moon - Modern Life



3.4/5 Pros

  • Some really good songs with good arrangements and lyrics
  • Very talented band with higher potential Cons

  • Too many average / below average songs

Lo Moon, the second: the indie-rock band released their sophomore album A Modern Life on 25th February 2022. I received the album from a promotion agency and have been very curious about the listen. Here is my review.


Lo Moon – About The Artists

Lo Moon is an US-American indie-rock band, which has been founded in Los Angeles in 2016. The band is fronted by Matt Lowell (guitar/vocals). Other band members are Crisanta Baker (synth, bass, samples) and Sam Steward (guitar). In 2018, the band released a self-titled debut album, which surprised peaking fourth in the US Heat charts and being Top 100 in the Scottish (overall) charts. The key signle has been This Is It. 


Lo Moon – A Modern Life – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Intro

Not too hard to guess what this is. 36 seconds to warm up for the A Modern Life tunes.

2. Carried Away

Look at where we find ourselves
What we have when all else fails us but
Some get bored and some just cry
Some try to leave the worst behind
But I want to live
And get carried away with my friends
Cause we’re all in this
Waiting for the nightmare to end

A very atmospheric, intense listen, in which Matt Lowell does an impressive job with his falsetto voice. The song feels familiar, but fascinating. Good one.

3. Dream Never Dies

Dream Never Dies has been one of three single releases of the album so far. The song comes with a very different mood. The song feels almost emotional – and even though there are always some parts which almost feel bored, it is a overall a great listen.

4. Expectations

At the beginning, the song felt to me a bit too boring. Nothing really new, a track like an essay of the song before. The chorus leads to some smashing element with a nice main theme – but finally, I feel that Expectations is a bit thin.

5. Deficit of Wonder

Three songs – and a break: Deficit of Wonder is a short 66 second intermission.

6. Modern Life

Modern Life is one of my favorites. There is a bit of a pop touch in here, the melody is good, I also feel that the Californians have some really nice lyrics here. Give it a try!

Do you ever get the feeling everybody’s leaving
Just right when you need em
Oh my God I try
To find a meaning, something to believe in
Tell me am I dreaming?
Or is this modern life?

7. Raincoats

A lot of electronic elements and a very long atmospheric lead-in to the song feels to make this four minute track almost have two (roughly two minute) sections. A song, which is heading towards ambient pop. The longer I listen, the more I like it. However, the song is just working up the ladder from “Why?” to “somehow average” in my listening experience.

8. Digging Up The Dead

Digging Up The Dead comes with some of the nicest main themes on the album. The very melancholic, slow song thereby spreads some really nice listening magic. Not bad at all.

9. Eyes On The Prize

I’d rather be dead
Then stuck in the vacuum
Where everyone’s so proud
Of who they’re not

Another track which is dealing with nowaday’s society. The song is nicely focusing on the lyrics and its story, where it is doing a good job. Great song.

I’d rather be dead
Then live with no passion

10. Stop

The album closes with with its most epic track, 5:24 minutes. Also a very good listen, in which I feel the presence of the instruments as well as the Lowell at the microphone to be very balanced. Nice atmospheric track.


Lo Moon – A Modern Life – Spotify

Here is Modern Life on Spotify:


Lo Moon – A Modern Life – My View

No doubt, there are some good one on A Modern Life. But finally, you get an eight track album plus two intro/interlude tracks, an enhanced EP. And some of the tracks are not good enough for the very high ratings. I feel that the band has much more potential – but with this release, they cannot illustrate it.


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