Wilderlife – Closer Tonight EP

Wilderlife - Closer Together



3.8/5 Pros

  • Straight and good indie-rock made in Germany
  • Some really nice ones for the stage Cons

  • Some weakness on the vocal side
  • I feel they could be even better!

With growing on the musical side, I have the opportunity to have access to more and more interesting releases. Scanning a promotion network database, I ran into Wilderlife and their indie-rock songs. I felt to share their EP, Wlderlife, with you. It has been released on 19th March 2021.


Wilderlife – About The Artists

Wilderlife is a four man indie rock band from Haren North of Meppen in the German Emsland region. They had their first releases in 2019, which lead to their debut EP Lightning Strike in summer 2019. Closer Tonight is their third EP. according to their Facebook – so I might not have access to one of their releases.

Wilderlife – Closer Tonight – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Daylight

The EP starts with one of the band’s singles, Daylight, which is a really good and smooth listen. I feel that the instrumental part is slightly stronger than the vocals in this opener, but the lyrics are very present in the song, so that I really enjoy listening.

2. Dreamer

Dreamer, the longest track on the EP (4:27 minutes), starts quite slow, before the backing vocals and guitars form a powerful choir for the first time. These are for sure the most catching parts of the song – I guess, the song will be a really fun one when the four guys are back on stage.

3. Closer Tonight

Time of emotions – Closer Tonight is accompanied by the acoustic guitar and almost spreads a touch of country rock.

4. Young Blood

Young Blood start with the sing-a-long choir which turned Dreamer to a good listen already.

We are the young bloods
We share the same love
We are the young bloods

Good rock party tracks don’t come with too eloquent lyrics typically – and so does Young Blood.

5. Babylon

Babylon is the shortest song on the EP. The just less than three minutes come with some very powerful rock elements. I also feel that the vocals are the best fit in this songs, which comes with a touch of mystical-frightening mood. Really good finish.


Wilderlife – Closer Tonight – Spotify

Here is Closer Tonight on Spotify:


Wilderlife – Closer Tonight – My View

I feel that the four Emsland guys really write cool track – it has been indeed a lot of fun to listen to the five songs of Closer Tonight. Unfortunately, sometimes the vocals feel a bit too weak – even though they are definitely a very signature and characteristic part of their sound. Good listen – I definitely recommend to give Wilderlife a try!


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