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Brandy Clark - Brandy Clark



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very well-told stories
  • Great collaboration with Brandi Carlile
  • Nice range of tracks

Brandy Clark’s show in January 2020 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam has so far been one of very few occasions I featured a concert on Dutch grounds. She showed a very strong show there, showcasing her third album Your Life Is A Record, which has been released rather soon thereafter. On 19th May 2023, Clark is back with her fourth album, which is self-titled.


Brandy Clark – About The Artist

You find quite a lot of bio about Brandy Clark in the two postings liked above already. Your Life Is A Record has been very successful for the 1975-born Brandy Lynn Clark, who is originally from Morton in Washington. Among other awards, she has been nominated twice for the record or individual picks from there. For Brandy Clark, Brandy Clark is working together with producer Brandi Carlile, which sets rather high expectations.


Brandy Clark – Brandy Clark – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Ain’t Enough Rocks (feat. Derek Trucks)

She grew up hidin’ bruises
Thinkin’ that was love
Bourbon on his breath
Poison in his blood
A wolf in daddy’s clothing
He’d sneak into her room
While that small town was sleepin’
God she wished she was too

These are the first words of the album – Brandy Clark feels to go for straight, raw songs in this album. The story of two sisters taking revenge on her father, who had abused them before, is a dark, breathtaking story. Clark and Carlile just found the right tunes to underline that atmosphere. Dark rock riffs and painful crying backing vocals give an outstanding opener.

2. Buried

I’ll meet somebody else
Probably get married
I’ll keep it to myself
But I’ll love you ’til I’m buried

The second track is maybe not as touching and breathtaking as the heavy opener – but it ain’t a happy tune as well. The love song with a an unhappy touch does not need more than a rather sparse instrumental part to make you listen to the country artist.

3. Tell Her You Don’t Love Her (feat. Lucius)

Especially at the beginning of the album, there are some interesting collaborations. One of them is Tell Her You Don’t Love Her with the US indie-pop quartet Lucius. There is some added, wider sound, but the guest musicians only become evident rather at the end of the song.

4. Dear Insecurity (feat. Brandi Carlile)

Forr the fourth song, Brandi Carlile herself is stepping in front of the microphone. The duet-style chorus has a beautiful, almost magical touch. And having Carlile opening in the first stanza is not too bad as well.

5. Come Back to Me

Oh yes, there was one topic. Love. Typically in a context of unhappy love. One of these unhappy love songs are Come Back To Me. The song a bit of stereotypical, but overall, it is nicely done.

6. Northwest

Northwest is one of three single releases of the album so far. In this track, Brandy Clark is praising her home. Ain’t that a topic which is somehow always working out? The topic is at least worth the longest song of the album, a really catching and melodic and a nice chorus.

Where the trees grow mountain tall
Most of the summer feels like fall
Salmon run and the eagles fly
You’re in heaven but you didn’t die
Whistle blowin’ at the mill
Hickory shirts’ll pay the bills
I dream in shades of green and gray and gold
And I go home

7. She Smoked in the House

She smoked in the house
Burnt holes in the couch
Lipstick-circled butts in the ashtray
She saved in Folgers cans
Swore credit was a scam
Bought everything at Sears on layaway

Just about 2:30 minutes, this song is one of the beauties of Brandy Clark. Brandy Clark is dedicating the listen to her grandma. If one is writing a song like this about you, you very likely lead a good life. I love it.

8. Up Above the Clouds (Cecilia’s Song, feat. Lucius)

Lucius are adding backing harmonies for this song, which is somewhere between a ballad and a lullaby. I prefer this collaboration over the third song, where the guest musicians have already been featured.

9. All Over Again

Oh, I hate you, hate you, hate you
A thousand times, and then
I fall in love all over

The ninth song is likely the one I can least relate to least. I can’t deny a nice presence and a good plot, but overall, other tracks in here feel more special, characteristic. More a matter of taste than a matter of quality.

10. Best Ones

Best Ones opens with a short harmonica episode, but then first slows down for the opening verses. The chorus then goes back to a rather traditional country music sound – one of the few songs on Brandy Clark which have that strong nostalgic touch.

11. Take Mine

Take Mine is indeed a bold closing of the album. There is even an orchestra backing Clark in the ballad. You sometimes just have to go for your full potential.


Brandy Clark – Brandy Clark – Track by Track

Here is the album on Spotify:


Brandy Clark – Brandy Clark – Track by Track

Brandy Clark is not an album to entertain and to have too much fun with while listening. It is an album about stories. Brandy Clark is pushing her songwriting to the limits and comes up with eleven (mostly) very catching stories, which she turned into great pieces of music. Very nice album, which shows the amazing potential of her (and her partners working with her on it).


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