Songs Of The Week (week of 30 December 2022)

I guess that the next weeks will be more intense. Depending if you look at the publishing or the cut-off date, this is the last Songs of the Week post for 2022 – or the first one in 2023. Both is somehow right. I hope that there are at least a few cool ones for you.


Oh Fyo! – Loser

Oh Fyo! is a singer-songwriter duo from Lübeck, Germany. Fix Highfield and Marius Evan are active since 2017. The song is paving the route for their new album, which will be released on 24th February 2023. Loser is definitely a promising listen.


Roisin O – 2023 (New Year’s Mix)

In fact this is just a new version of the song 2023, which has already been released on Roisin O’s 2022 album Courageous. However, it is simply a good listen and a nice alternative to the original recording by the Irish artist.



Adam Lambert – Holding Out for a Hero

The cover versions which Adam Lambert is already featuring of his new album are becoming more and more interesting. Less than two months to wait – High Drama will be released on 24th February 2022. And we could already use this one for our New Year’s party.


Mick Clarke – Louie Louie

Mick Clarke is definitely an established artist in the British blues rock scene. The guitarist and songwriter is already 72 years old and released his first album in the mid-1980’s already. Louie Louie has a nice touch.


Francine Jordi – Herzburnout

From Great Britain to Switzerland. I recently thought a lot about the Eurovision Song Contest – Jordi has represented her country in 2002 with Dans le jardin de mon ame. However, the placement was not too pleasing. Her new single, however, is a straight schlager track. Good one by the artist from Greater Berne.


Paulina Moser – Jedes Jahr

German pop from Cologne: Paulina Moser released the thoughful and emotional Jedes Jahr (“Every year”) on 30th December 2022. I really loved to listen to this one.


Dilla – Junge

When Amadea released the track Last Time n May 2022, together with yuma, this was a huge step for the emerging German artist from Munich. So far, the song has been streamed almost eight million times on Spotify only. Dilla is the alter ego of the artist, which is used for songs in German, who is in fact named Amadea Ackermann. She does well, regardless of the language chosen.


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