Jennifer K. Austin – Cards EP

Jennifer K. Austin - Cards



4.4/5 Pros

  • Five versatile, good songs
  • Lovely vocals

In 2020, I introduced you to the US-AmericanNew Zealand artist Jennifer K. Austin, who released her album Journey at that time. I was really happy to hear from her recently that she is releasing a new EP.. Cards is available since 8th April 2023. Here are my thoughts.


Jennifer K. Austin – About The Artis

Jennifer K. Austin is a really interesting musician. Born in Nebraska, working in Australia, now in New Zealand. she is also working as an actress and a coach. More about her can be found in the Journey review. After that album, Austin only released a remix of her song Misery and the title track to this EP.


Jennifer K. Austin – Cards – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 16 minutes

1. Dream Weaver

The opener Dream Weaver feels easy, pop-ish, but is also having a rock touch due to the guitar strumming in the background. Overall, a very good listen, which stays in your mind. Jennifer K. Austin makes me smile again.

2. Before You Go

One of the outstanding features of this is EP is that any song is giving a very different feeling. I love Austin’s voice in this rather slow song, which is beautifully moving between rather low and intense and high and angel-alike notes.

3. Cards

The title track is taking the center position of the five track EP. The song has a nice folk and country music style. Counting Cards, maybe, we’ve got a pair – that’s also a nice way to write a love song. Cool track.

4. In the Deep End

For the fourth song, Austn is pairing up with Scottish artist James Grants. His dark voice leads to a magnificent collaboration with the crystal-clear sound of Jennifer K. Austin. Definitely the most intense listen of this EP.

5. Anyway

The closing track is a beautiful narration, which just needs a love story, Jennifer K. Austin’s voice and an acoustic guitar. Excellent musical quality.


Jennifer K. Austin – Cards – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Jennifer K. Austin – Cards – My View

Just five songs, but they leave a mark in your music heart. Almost three years since her last major release, Cards is simply a very enjoyable listen by the US-Kiwi artist. Love it! about New Zealand

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