Jonny Houlihan – Hey Girl EP

Jonny Houlihan - Hey Girl



4.3/5 Pros

  • Really great radio sound
  • Cool to listen to
  • Versatile productions Cons

  • Some songs are slightly too "streamlined" to mainstream sound

Scanning the list of new country music releases, I ran into Hey Girl by Jonny Houlihan. In fact, the EP has already been released on Wednesday, 1st July 2020 – but it will be my last review of this country music weekend.

Jonny Houlihan – About the Artist

Jonny Houlihan is an artist from Nevada City. I found his first album dated as of 2012, called New Old Town. Then, there seems to have been quite a break in the career of the artist, who is now living in the Greater Nashville area. His next publication, the album Dig is dated as of 2019. He regularly published songs online at that time, though – there is even a Best of  2019 collection available. He is quite popular in the country music scene already – for example, his YouTube channel features some 15k subscribers.


Jonny Houlihan – Hey Girl – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Wrap Myself Around You

Melodic, rocking, but still a touch of soft, classic sounds – I just fell in love to the first track of the album, Wrap Myself Around You. Lovely starter with five more songs to follow!

2. Love Song

In the initial part of Love Song, Jonny Houlihan sounds so different, so gentle. With the chorus latest, it is a powerful country radio song, catching and well-produced. Well done!

3. Hey Girl

The third track on the EP is the title one. It has more rocking guitars – but overall, it is just the kind of music which currently sells in Nashville – but Houlihan adds his own touch to it. Like it!

4. It Felt Like Love

This song is one of my favorites – a perfect soundtrack for a road trip on the Interstate. Love it.

5. Cowboy Heaven

Country Heaven starts with a promising guitar intro and then turns into this very Nashville-classic hip-hop style verses. Hmm. The chorus of Cowboy Heaven is cool, though!

6. Perfect

Perfect is rather on the side of country music, which I can dance to. Very vocal-centric arrangement, which leads to an amazing presence. Love it!


Jonny Houlihan – Hey Girl – Spotify

Here is the Spotify pre-listen widget for Hey Girl:


Jonny Houlihan – Hey Girl – My View

Well done, Mr Houlihan. These six songs are versatile, modern, but still have a strong classic country music touch. I absolutely enjoyed to listen to these songs. We are definitely in the Top Pick! range here, even if one or two songs are a bit too streamlined to me. – The Best in Media

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