Jaimee Harris – Boomerang Town

Jaimee Harris - Boomerang Town



4.1/5 Pros

  • Really nice set of folk songs
  • Great storytelling Cons

  • Lack of variety

Not sure if that is pure self-marketing, but Jaimee Harris names herself “The Next Queen of Americana-Folk“. While her career started kind of slowly, she had some rather more successful tracks in the recent past. Thus, it definitely feels worth to have a deeper listen into Boomerang Town, her a second studio album.  The set of songs has been published on 17th February 2023.


Jaimee Harris – About The Artist

Jaimee Harris is a female artist, who is originally from Texas. I found some very early recordings of her on YouTube, which have partially published in the early 2010’s and did not really lead to a higher audience. Her first album is Red Rescue, which has been released in September 2018. While the song Creatures did not create too much attention in the album version, an acoustic one later lead to significantly better stats and also lead the acoustic EP The Congress House Sessions (2021). Harris latest single release, the 2023 The Fair and Dark Haired Lad had some 50k streams on Spotify. It is part of Boomerang Town.


Jaimee Harris – Boomerang Town – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Boomerang Town

Seven minutes. That’s the time the title track takes when it is opening Jaimee Harris 2023 album. Despite the long playtime and that the song does not come with huge breaks and changes in atmosphere, it is a very entertaining listen.

2. Sam’s

The second song of the album is already a really intense listen. The song is melancholic, deals with mental issues and claustrophobic thoughts. Jaimee Harris does not need too many melodic elements to create an amazing sound.

3. How Could You Be Gone

The album starts with three of its four longest songs – How Could You Be Gone is one of them. The 6:17 minute listen has been inspired by the passing of a close friend during the pandemic. Harris wrote the song with her partner Mary Gauthier. I love her effort in here.

4. The Fair and Dark Haired Lad

The fourth song is one of the central listens of the album. The catching melody leads to a very easy to digest song, which even feels to have major radio airplay potential to me. Not too surprisingly, it is one of her most successful songs so far.

5. On the Surface

The 5.21 minute song On the Surface just dares to be slow and quiet at the beginning. The energy in the song is increasing very slowly. Again, Harris makes it happen and creates a really good listen in here.

6. Good Morning, My Love

The slowly picked guitar notes are a beautiful slow starter into the new day. Good Morning My Love is a great epic song, which is based on Harris lovely voice and great work on the lyric side.

7. Like You

Like You is creating a beautiful dramatic increase of energy. The guitars feel to be about to break free – but finally fail in that. The piano is joining in to the guitars in some parts, which leads to a really nice sound. Nonetheless, this song does not catch me as much as others on the album.

8. Fall (Devin’s Song)

Devin is a former classmate of Harris. He was accidentally shot and killed in sixth grade. One of the beautiful stories behind Fall (Devin’s Song) is that this track is in fact based on a song Devin’s mother wrote about him. to me, this is the most touching write of the album.

One morning
When you left us
We had no time to
Say goodbye
Our heart
Got forever broken
Lord, please kiss him
And hold our angel tight.

9. Love is Gonna Come Again

After this breathtaking listen, the album closes with two songs, which have already been released as singles. Love is Gonna Come Again has a slight pop touch, but overall feels intense. Definitely an uplifting listen.

10. Missing Someone

The closing 3:49 minutes are as pop-alike as Jaimee Harris gets in 2023. The song has a very present rhythm and really nice groove. I enjoy this rather easy kind of musical entertainment in here.


Jaimee Harris – Boomerang Town – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Jaimee Harris – Boomerang Town – My View

I really enjoyed traveling with Jaimee Harris to her Boomerang Town. She is an excellent storyteller. Unfortunately, I would love some more songs to break out of her typical sound, especially in the second part of the album. Nonetheless, this album is a treat for folk music fans.


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