HunterGirl – Tennessee Girl EP

HunterGirl - Tennessee Girls



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great vocals
  • Modern country music album Cons

  • No top-class songs

As part of my 7th June 2024 release reviews, I have a look to an upcoming artist from Tennessee. HunterGirl got some fame in 2022. This weekend, she released the EP Tennessee Girl. I had a deeper listen.


HunterGirl – About The Artist

HunterGirl is the artist name of Hunter Wolkonowski. The US-American country artist was born on 24th May 1998 in Winchester, Tennessee. She gained fame by finishing as the runner-up at American Idol in 2022. Her first release, however, is dated four years earlier. We’re Not in Kansas Anymore was quite successful and nowadays has almost 440k Spotify streams. In 2022, she self-released the EP One Day. Due to her talent show success, she signed a record deal. Tennessee Girl is the first EP under that contract.


HunterGirl – Tennessee Girl – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Bad Decisions

The first song on the EP is Bad Decision. The song is an energetic modern country song, which does makes intense use of the guitar. A very fluent, nice listen at the beginning of the EP.

2. Clockworks

Bad Decisions is followed by Clockworks. The song underlines a rather emotional and touching style of HunterGirl’s music. Not yet a ballad, but a slower track, which is supported by present drumming. The song nicely leaves sufficient space to showcase HunterGirls voice. Nice one.

3. Weather in Tennessee

There is not title track on Tennessee Girl, but the third song at least takes us to the artist’s home state. The song comes with a similar style than the opening track. This also means that the modern song works well.

4. Ain’t About You

When HunterGirl released Ain’t About You in August 2023, her promotion agency stated that she is the first female country artist in 30 years, who completely self-wrote her debut single. It is hard to validate that statement, but regardless of that, she presents an absolutely beautiful country music ballad in here. A lovely performance on the microphone is the foundation to a touching listen.

5. Bad Boy

Bad Boy is the other song on the EP, which has been released before June 2024. The song is driving my strumming electric guitars and present drumming. The chorus is powerful, almost angry. Another very nice song.

6. Pretty Much

Pretty Much is the closing track of the EP. The song has a nice flow and again strikes on the vocal side. The melody is a fine one, but is not as fine as others presented on Tennessee Girl before.


HunterGirl – Tennessee Girl – Track by Track

Here is the EP on Spotify:


HunterGirl – Tennessee Girl – Track by Track

Tennessee Girl is a nice second EP by HunterGirl. However, it lacks the real top songs. The single release Ain’t About You is the highlight of the six tracks. Other listens are good, but cannot connect to it in regards of quality. Nonetheless, there are bits and pieces, especially the artist’s amazing voice, which feel to suggest a great future in msic business for this artist.

Favorite Song: Ain’t About You


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