Pridian – Cybergnosis EP

Pridian - Cybergnosis



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice modern metal sounds
  • Great song "Deadfall"

Unfortunately, I so far did not take you to Estonia in the travel section of my blog so far. The country is really lovely and I know surprisingly many really nice people from there. This posting, however, is about an Estonian metal band. Pridian have recently renamed and released their first EP under this new name on 29th November 2023. Here are my thoughts about Cybergnosis.


Pridian – About The Artists

Pridian is modern metal band from Tartu in Estonia. The band exists since 2018. The lead singer of the band is Laur Lindmäe, accompanied by the guitarists Jörg-Erik Hanikat and Martin Randalu. Robert Leht is the drummer of Pridian. The band initially named themselves Aeons. In June 2021, their debut album The Rotten Unknown has also been released under that name. The album received very good critics in their home country.


Pridian – Cybergnosis – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. Soft Gold

Four of the five tracks of the EP have already been released. This also applies for the opener Soft Gold, which initially feels like industrial metal with its hammering beats, but then develops a wider range of sounds, from screaming and growling sounds to rather gentle episodes. The long fade out (more than half a minute) is also rather remarkable.

2. Disgust

The guitars call you from the very first second of Disgust. The Baltic band goes for the full metal power and here and there presents sprinkles of metalcore ideas as well. The song can be split into three sections, which do have a connecting theme and idea but feel a a bit (too?) separate for me.

3. Deadfall

The guitars drive Deadfall, which is with 3:39 minutes the shortest listen of the release. There are breaks and (rather short) quiet moments in here – but overall, Deadfall feels very compact and fluent, wich turns it into an excellent listen to me.

4. Hive Mind

The almost four minute song Hive Mind is the “newbie” of the album. The song mixes melodic elements with the force of the guitars and Lindmäe’s voice, which is a really nice blending. A nice energetic listen.

5. Tetsuo

Pridian allows the closing track Tetsuo to start slowly before the band is pushing the songs to the world of modern metal sounds. The dialectic sound of the tracks turns it into a very entertaining listen. Again, the song farewells with a long coda, which almost feels like a fairy tale theme song.


Pridian – Cybergnosis – Spotify

Here is Cybergnosis on Spotify


Pridian – Cybergnosis – My View

Cybergnosis is a fun and compact release. The Estonians blend different elements to a really nice sound. The EP is entertaining and forceful – like it!

Favorite Song: Deadfall


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