The Glorious Sons – Glory

The Glorious Sons - Glory



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very straight, reliable sound
  • Good, very nice to listen to writes Cons

  • Some similarities between the songs

Quite stormy times for The Glorious Sons: just about one week before they released a new album, they announced that their guitarist Chris Koster is leaving the band. Nonetheless, I want to share the (potentially) good news with you and have a listen to Glory, which is the fourth studio album of the Canadians overall. Release date is Wednesday, 6th September 2023.


The Glorious Sons – Glory

The Glorious sons are a rock / Southern rock band from Kingston, Ontario. The lineup of the band after the recent split is Brett Emmons (vocals, guitar, harmonica, keys), Jay Emmons (guitar), Adam Paquette (drums), Josh Hewson (piano) and Peter Van Helvoort (bass). Founded in 2011, they started to release music in 2013. The only single of their debut EP Shapeless ArtMama, already made it up to the 11th spot of the Canadian rock charts. So far, The Glorious Sons had three chart-topping singles in Canada in the late 2010’s: Everything is Alright (2017), S.O.S. (Sawed Off Shotgun) (2018) and Panic Attack (2019). The latter two also topped the US Mainstream charts. In 2021, Hold Steady has been another chart-topping success for the band.


The Glorious Sons – Glory – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Glory

The drum machine alike drumming feels a bit like pop, the style of the song has some folk spirit and the impressing vocals by Brett Emmons have a rock touch. Glory takes the role of the title track and opens the album. The song’s got something for every listener, even a choir-alike part at the bridge (which is a bit too much for me in the opening song, honestly). I absolutely enjoy these first 3:37 minutes of the album.

2. Mercy Mercy

Four in a row – Mercy Mercy is opening the section of four singles already featured before the album. The comes with this gentle strumming, but also the energy of a rock song. This leads to a very personal style. Very relatable listen.

3. Cellular

I love you so much
It’s cellular
I miss you so much
I don’t need to tell you

So far, I just used the word cellular in combination with communication technology. Now, the Canadians teach me a bit of their mother tongue. And they do it in a way I really like it. The song is having a nice energy and good rock attitude. Cellular is focusing on the guitars much more than the two tracks before.

4. Dream

It’s just a smile, it’s just a look
In just one moment the world is shook
In the dead of winter, in the sweetest pain
Close your eyes, we’re there again
It’s all a dream

The fourth song is one of the most beautiful writes of the album. The sound of Dream is very melodic and harmonic. Nonetheless, the steady drumming in the background lead to a nice speedy, straight character. Lovely song.

5. House Lights

House Lights is a lovely power ballad. The special touch in the voice of Brett Emmons leads to a beautiful sound. It’s not that I don’t care, but I’m not really there – a song with quite some struggle, but really nice storytelling.

6. Speed of Light

The melody of Speed of Light is rather close to songs before. However, the song is rather having an folk-rock character. The distorted guitars even spread some indie spirit. The very melodic chorus is the key catch in here, indeed.

7. Lightning Bolt

Don’t mix up that song with Lightning, which has been one of the successful songs of the band almost a decade ago. The song has nice Americana vibes and also has a lot of fun for some partying during the North America Tour, which is running until the end of the yer. The last of the single releases on the album (in the order of songs here) is one of the best ones.

8. You Stay Young

The eighth song has a very modern vibe. Again, the chorus is amazing. The hymnic sound stays in your mind and thus leads to a great listening experience. There are also a few rather quiet moments in this overall very present song.

9. Time Will Reign Down on Me

The slowly marching Time Will Reign Down on Me leads to a new touch. The song is not a ballad, but a slow, very intense and dramatic song. Good one.

10. Cosmic Beam

The Glorious Sons keep the longest song for last. Cosmic Balm is merging the typical elements and sounds of the band in this final five minute listen. The song is a bit too brave to me in the middle part, but overall a nice one.


The Glorious Sons – Glory – Spotify

Here is Glory on Spotify:


The Glorious Sons – Glory – My View

Glory is a really nice listen. The Glorious Sons have their sound, which is warm and just lovely to listen to. Sometimes, there could be some more variety here and there – but I guess that fans of the band will rather love it and call it “reliable”. Nice one.


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