Lata Gouveia – Stay The Same

Lata Gouveia - Stay The Same



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Good stories Cons

  • Not yet at the top

I always love to run into country music from countries other than the USA, Canada, Great Britain or Germany. This review featuring a 21st January 2022 release is introducing a Portuguese artist, Lata Gouveia. Stay The Same is his third studio album.


Lata Gouveia – About The Artist

Lata Gouveia is a country and Americana rock artist from Portugal. Nowadays, he is typically classified as Red Dirt Country artist. He was born as Hugo Daniel Garcia Gouveia on 19th February 1975 in Lisbon, but in fact grew up in Luxembourg. Gouveia had his first band during his University period in London. His very first album was Lead the way, which he recorded as part of the band Lata Dog. Since 2010, he is back in Luxembourg. He his supported by his band, Daniela Krüger (bass), Paul Porcelli (guitar) and Jeff Herr (drums).


Lata Gouveia – Stay The Same – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Stay The Same

The album is using the classic opener: the title track. Did this guy really just reach a couple of hundred views with his music videos on YouTube? Very mature, cool country rocker. The song might be better if it had a bit more of a laid back feeling – but I feel it is a cool listen.

2. Wrong

Wrong is rather facing in the blues rock / Southern blues rock direction, just like a Z.Z. Top track from a European band. Nice groove and a beautiful piano melody line.

3. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a song which made me thing about Gouvela’s accent. I feel there is a Central European sound in his voice, but no Portuguese at all. The song again delivers a nice vibe, the bass play is excellent and supports the storyline well. The overall arrangement does feel rather handmade than high level professional, but I do enjoy to listen to this third song.

4. Mirror Night

The song starts with some heavy guitar chords. The song has a heavy, a bit of melancholic touch, but is overall somewhere between a slow blues and a slow country track. I enjoy the instrumental work, especially the one on the guitar, in here very much. The longer the five minute song lasts, the more atmosphere it is creating. Cool.

5. Over The Moon

Over The Moon comes with a similar, grooving sound in the Americana range of songs. The song is very catchy and one of the best writes of the album to me – even though the vocal ensemble adds a pop touch.

6. Drowning Man

Lata Gouveia feels to be a guy for the epic tracks. This sixth one, Drowning Man, is 5:38 minutes. A very dramatic setup with howling riffs in the background, but also rather melodic parts. The song does not become boring at all.

7. New Breakup Song

That’s the duration masterpiece of the album – this New Breakup Song lasts over six minutes. Organ sounds, an intense vibe and a rather slow song, which feels very emotional and painful in the vocal performance. Just like you would a breakup to expect to feel alike. Luckily, no fado song.

8. Renegade Train

If you rather like the rockers, Renegade Train will be your song to listen to. Paul Porcelli simply can do in here what guitarists love to do – even though this one also comes with some a bit more quiet moments.

9. Mama’s Coming Back

A very present rhythm makes you move to Mama’s Coming Back. The song is not my favorite, but has some nice organ lines. And, yes, without a doubt, this song has a nice touch.

10. Tuesday Morning

The last five minutes of the album are taken by this beautiful Americana rocker. Nice atmosphere and, to me, one of the best vocal performances of Stay The Same. Love to listen to it.


Lata Gouveia – Stay The Same – Spotify

Here is Stay The Same on Spotify:


Lata Gouveia – Stay The Same – My View

Stay The Same might not be the perfect listen, but it is really good. I like the range of songs Lata Gouveia is performing on this 2022 release. It’s really fun. If you like to listen to some artist you might not know yet, the Portuguese is definitely a good choice. in Portugal

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