Orian – Before It Weighs Us Down EP

Orian - Before It Weighs Us Down



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great vocal skills
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Characteristic blending of songs

I ran into Orian and his music by scanning new releases on a promotion platform. I just loved the special sound of his debut EP under that name, Before It Weighs Us Down. The five tracks have been released on 25th June 2021.


Orian – About The Artist

The civiil name of Orian in Joey Ryan. He is an Irish musician, but nowadays lives in Berlin. His music is a mixture of folk, independent styles and singer-songwriter melodies. The artist name is actually quite new – he already released two albums under his civil name, but wanted to move more towards atmospheric sounds.


Orian – Before It Weighs Us Down – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 18 minutes

1. Beautiful Disguise

The style of the opening track almost reminds me of Depeche Mode recordings. The song is very powerful and present, has a lot of atmosphere, but also comes with a really dark touch. I really love to listen to Beautiful Disguise, indeed.

2. Grateful

The dark touch stays in the second song of the album. Overall, the song is more melodic, the guitars feel a bit more present to me. Especially towards the end of the song, Orian demonstrates a really nice vocal energy – even if the track hasn’t caught you before, it might do so in its last ninety seconds.

3. What pulls you

While the first two songs are new releases, the remaining songs of the EP have already been published before the song collection. The song feels melancholic to me, but comes with a very different energy and spirit compared to the openers. Great vocal performance again, which is driving the song, definitely.

4. Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box is a song, which has been quite popular in the German university radio / music scene. The song is a ballad with scrumming guitars, a lot of echo and atmosphere. Again, the second half of the track creates a lot of atmosphere and fascinating moment. Love it.

5. Ask You Twice

The closing track has a touch of indie-rock, but also of pop to me. It creates a nice atmosphere again. A very different and new aspect of Orian’s music – definitely another interesting, also catching sound. Well done!


Orian – Before It Weighs Us Down – Spotify

Here is Before It Weighs Us Down on Spotify:


Orian – Before It Weighs Us Down – My View

Orian creates a great atmosphere. He is using his instrumental, but especially his vocal skills to take you right into the heart of his songs. The five songs are really promising, I would definitely like to listen to more songs of the Irish in the future. I also feel that he has even more potential than Before It Weighs Us Down reflects.


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