Ellis Mano Band – Ambedo

Ellis Mano Band - Ambedo



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice blend of different genres
  • Good instrumental and vocal performance

The Ellis Mano Band is one of the key acts in the Swiss blues-rock scene. The two musicians behind the band founded the project in 2017, Ambedo is their second album already. It has been released on 25th June 2021.


Ellis Mano Band – About The Artists

The Ellis Mano Band is named after their two founding musicians, singer Chris Ellis (civil name: Christian Ertl) and guitarist Edis Mano. They are joined by bassist Severin Graf and drummer Nico Looser, who are both successful internationally working musicians. Their debut was the single Whiskey in 2018. The same year, they released Here and Now, which became the title track of their 2019 debut album. Ambedo is their second album release.


Ellis Mano Band – Ambedo – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. The Horrible Truth

The Swiss start with a powerful track, which is having a nice blues groove, but also he power of a Southern rock track. The guitar and the bass are driving this song with marching chords. Really nice opener of this album.

2. Sweet Sin

Sweet Sin is slower than the opener, which strengthens the focus on the groove of the song. The drum is working well in the background. A great guitar main theme is creating catching moments during these some three minutes. Cool song.

3. Ambedo Mind

You could name Ambedo Mind the title track of the album. It is definitely a special one. You find a touch of soul and some funk elements in this song. The sound is just awesome and reminds me of big songs in my favorite music periods. Definitely a nice way to alter the sound of the songs on this album.

4. The Fight For Peace

With 5:45 minutes, this fourth track is the longest on the album. Making intense use of a wide range of instruments as well as backing vocals, it is a very powerful and present track on the album, which almost feels like a blues anthem. Very nice recording.

5. Johnny & Susie

While The Fight For Peace was rather a track for blues lovers, Johnny & Susie tells its deep story in a rock track. Chris Ellis does a great job in this song with a catching vocal performance.

6. Long Road

Ambedo is an album with a lot of contrasts – and after two rather loud tracks, Long Road gaines its presence by being rather slow and quiet. The guitar comes with acoustic style sounds – and even though the Swiss later add more instruments and musical elements, the song feels very intimate. Comes with a strong touch of country music to me.

7. The Question (feat. Lachy Doley)

For The Question, the Swiss band has been additionally powered with Lachy Doley, an Australian organ player. One of the best songs of the album, indeed – not only due to the nice solo part.

8. Breakfast

Breakfast is the second epic song of the album, which is again not that much shorter than six minutes. Lovely long blues track, which is centering on a lovely vocal performance. If you love blues without too much rock influence, this is very likely the song of your heart. Fantastic listen.

9. Keep It Simple

Blues, a touch of country and a bit of rock – Keep It Simple is definitely not simple when it comes to assigning it to a genre. It comes with a great hook and a characteristic melody. Again, there is a nice harmony between the instruments and the effort on the microphone. The result is another really nice song.

10. Heart ’n Mind

The album closes with Heart ‘n Mind, which starts rather slow-ish and intimate, but then has its powerful moments.


Ellis Mano Band – Ambedo – Spotify

Here is Ambedo on Spotify:


Ellis Mano Band – Ambedo – My View

Ambedo is definitely a nice album, which comes with a good blend of different genres. Sometimes, the versatility of the album becomes a bit of its key weakness. A few songs could even have more character and a more clearly defined profile. But that is really critics on a very high level – many people will enjoy this second Ellis Mano Band album if they give it a chance.


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