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3.9/5 Pros

  • Great leverage of musical and vocal elements
  • Nostalgic touch Cons

  • In fact, just seven full-length songs

Double Dog Dare is the sophomore album by the band White Dog. The Americana band has grown steadily since their founding. I received the album through a promotion agency and had a listen.  The album has been released on 5th April 2024.


White Dog – About The Artists

White Dog is an US-American band, which has formed in Austin, Texas, in 2015. They blend blues and rock with Americana influences like country. They recently had to replace their frontman and their keyboarder, so that Jake LaTouf and Oscar Favian are relatively new to the band. Apart from two guitarists, Carl Amoss and Clemente de Hoyos, the band also consists of drummer John Amoss. In 2020, the band released their self-titled debut album.


White Dog – Double Dog Dare – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes welcomes the listener with a virtuous guitar part, which underlines the instrumental quality of the band. The sound of the track is rather traditional, featuring typical Americana elements. A very present and melodic opening.

2. Double Dog Dare

The title track is next. The sound is very groovy and reminds of blues and surf rock. Overall, this leads to a more modern touch, even though the sound as such is definitely traditional. Again, there is a nice balance of good vocal elements and instrumental space.

3. F.D.I.C.

The single release F.D.I.C. is a very melodic four minute listen, which stays in your mind. The song has a nice rock’n’roll touch as well. The guitar parts add a nice touch and remind of the title track’s melodies.

4. Glenn’s Tune

Glenn’s Tune is a very versatile song. It opens with a catching melody, but later also presents slower parts. There are a couple of breaks to different sections of the track, which leads to a really entertaining listen.

5. A message From Our Sponsor

I was a bit of afraid about this one, due to the title and the short duration of 69 seconds. However, the 1960’s advertisement style interlude adds some fun to the album and makes me smile.

6. Frozen Shadows

After this “commercial”, Double Dog Dare continues with Frozen Shadows. The song comes with an outstanding duration of over seven minutes and opens with a guitar solo, before other instruments join in. With organ sounds and other instrumental elements, you again feel the musical quality of this track. Similar to the much shorter Glenn’s Tune, various section lead to a dramatic, interesting listen.

7. Lady of Mars

Even it is again up to the guitars to open Lady of Mars, the four minute track feels more compact. The song has a nice rock touch, but does not deny its Americana heart. Nice.

8. Prelude

Obviously, White Dog felt that the final track of the album deserves a Prelude. Chronologically, it feels a bit late for this instrumental, but the fine melody does not really bother the listener. Much more, the instrumental leads to fine energy.

9. The Last ‘Dam’ Song

The fine and dreamish Prelude does not feel to suit to the chucker-out at first sight. The Last ‘Dam’ Song opens with strong guitar riffs, before the vocals incept, supported by organ / synth tunes. Again, the band is creating a nice dramatic plot.


White Dog – Double Dog Dare – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


White Dog – Double Dog Dare – My View

Double Dog Dare is definitely an album worth having a listen. Especially if you like more traditional Americana tunes, the Texas band is giving you a good time. The two epic tracks dominate the album, which in fact just comes with seven songs and two interlude tracks.

Favorite Song: Frozen Shadows


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