Callista Clark – Real To Me: The Way I Feel

Callista Clark - Real To Me: The Way I Feel



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great listen
  • Nice range of ten tracks Cons

  • Just two new songs

After the EP Real To Me, Callista Clark is upgrading her discography with her debut album. On 14th October 2022, she released the ten song collection. The title is Real To Me: The Way I Feel. Unfortunately, this tells the right message: the album is just another upgraded, deluxe, extended or whatever version of an existing release.


Callista Clark – About The Artist

Callista Clark is a 19 year old artist, originally from Zebulon, Georgia, USA. She turned active in 2021. After the EP Real To Me was very successful, Callista even had first gigs in Europe already. You will find more bio information about her in the Real To Me EP review.


Callista Clark – Real To Me: The Way I Feel – Track by Track

The album consists of ten songs. Five of them have been part of Callista’s EP, three have been published thereafter. In addition, some publications include four music videos (of songs which have already been released). The ten song playtime is 34 minutes.

1. It’s ‘Cause I Am

As said, there are a quite a bunch of already known songs in here. The opener is one of them. Nice melodic work by Callista, who is especially creating memorable moments with the chorus. Very characteristic sound, the song has a nice R&B touch. The song already opened the EP version of this release, by the way.

2. Gave It Back Broken

The song has not been part of her debut, but is in fact a nice blend of sounds. Does this track also remind you of early Mariah Carey releases – especially, when Callista is using falsetto techniques for the high notes?

3. Change My Mind

This track has originally been released in February 2021. For me, it is one of Callista’s key releases so far, as he impressively masters the rocking sound of this track. Fun to listen… and if you like, feel free to bang your head singly.

4. Worst Guy Ever

I am sure, your heartbeat is getting much faster as soon as you approach the fourth track. Only one of two really new songs. Worst Guy Ever is a really good country pop ballad, which is a nice fit to Callista’s voice.

5. Brave Girl

With some 50k streams on Spotify, the song was not as successful as other Callista Clark tracks. I don’t get it that much.. The song is a bit of mainstream – but in fact a nice country pop sing with a signature voice. I feel that it deserves more love from its audience.

6. Wish You Wouldn’t

It is interesting that both “new” tracks are in fact rather slow and ballad-alike recordings. Nice vibe by Callista, but not good enough to boost sales on the single or on the album ide.

7. Heartbreak Song

Heartbreak Song already suggests that Callista and her team don’t go for the damn hard rocker here. The slow recording is a very nice song in general, but it does not leave too many characteristic moments in the context of Callista’s debut albumö.

8. Don’t Need It Anymore

The energetic and powerful Don’t need It Anymore is one of my favorite listens. A very nicely made country pop song with a very autobiographic touch.

9. Sad

Even though the song is called Sad, there are some positive vibes in this previous single release. A really nice Callista Clark song, which is setting a nice direction in which her music might develop one day. One of my favorites.

Then why ain’t I sad?
Why am I over here over you laughin’?
Why ain’t I mad?
I’m still sittin’ real pretty after what happened

10. Real To Me

It does not happen too often that a song is becoming the title track of two consecutive major releases. Real To Me made it – and even closed both of them. Typical Nashville madness – which unfortunately distracts me from mentioning that the song is actually (still) an interesting listen.


Callista Clark – Real To Me: The Way I Feel – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Callista Clark – Real To Me: The Way I Feel – My View

Real To Me: The Way I Feel feels like the mental pain after being cheated to me . On the one hand, there are now ten reasons to love that friendly and amazingly talented young lady, compared to the five ones on the EP. On the other hand… You just get two new songs. Nashville is cashing it in right before Christmas. Not the way I feel you should treat the rather new (and young) fan base of Callista Clark. She is great. She deserves better. And: if you neglect that you know eight of the songs already, this album is great.


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