Michael Patrick Kelly – B.O.A.T.S

Michael Patrick Kelly - B.O.A.T.S



4.9/5 Pros

  • Very versatile album
  • Exceptional songwriting and storytelling
  • High technical quality

New stuff from Michael Patrick Kelly – family member of the legendary Kellys is back in the virtual and physical record stores with B.O.A.T.S – his 2021 recording will be released on 12th November 2021. I value Kelly and his songs quite high, so that I definitely wanted to share my thoughts about the album with you.


Michael Patrick Kelly – About The Artist

Michael Patrick Kelly was born on 5th December 1977 in Dublin. Even though he has the Irish as well as the US-American citizenship, he is likely most popular in Germany. This is majorly due to being born into the folk band The Kelly Family, which also lead to severe mental issues in his life. At the age of 15, he composed An Angel, which is likely the most important song of the family project. However, he composed several other songs for The Kelly Family, which had significant commercial success.

In 2003, he finally debuted as a solo artist. His album In Exile made it to the Top 15 in Germany. The leading single was Pray, Pray, Pray, which also reflects his stronger belief in religion. He reduced publicity for multiple years. In 2015, his comeback album Human was a golden record in Germany and a Top 10 in Switzerland. His biggest album chart success so far was his most recent studio album, iD. Released in 2017, it stayed in the German charts for 94 weeks and in the Swiss ones for 51 ones. In Austria, the album has been a Top 10 as well. In 2020, the single Beautiful Madness, which is part of B.O.A.T.S., received a platinum record in Switzerland and was a big airplay song in the adjacent countries.



Michael Patrick Kelly – B.O.A.T.S – Track by Track

The 16 song album lasts 57 minutes.

1. Boats

Not a long wait for the title track, Michael Patrick Kelly is starting his 2021 album with it. A nice, intense starter with a nice touch of folk music. A bit of a Kelly Family style song, but overall deeper than his early works.

2. Diamonds And Metals

The background choir at the beginning of the song gives the song a dark, almost threatening touch. The folk song comes with a surprisingly easy and melodic chorus. Good listen.

3. Running Blind

Running Blind is the complete opposite to the second track. It feels like happiness, pop music, summer. A great sing-along for a potential future open air show. Fans will love to give their voices for this song, which simply makes me smile. The background is a very memorable story. Michael Patrick Kelly wrote that one about a blind Paralympics athlete, who had to carry his collapsed guide over the finish line. The specators – or now: the fans – shouted the directions for that.

4. Blurry Eyes

B.O.A.T.S. comes with a wide range of songs. Blurry Eyes is a beautiful, powerful ballad. Michael Patrick Kelly just does great songs, regardless which mood they are reflecting.

Oh love, when the river runs dry
It’s hard to see the blurry eyes
Don’t say you’re not strong enough
Do let me love you just the way you are.

5. Throwback

At least if you are from Germany or Central Europe, I don’t need to tell you too much about Throwback – the pop track with a lovely groove was a radio station’s darling and had a lot of – well-deserved – airplay. Very timeless chorus, but still coming with some very modern elements as well.

6. Fake Messiah

Do I feel a soft touch of hip hop in here? Michael Patrick Kelly feels to be in an universal music comfort zone. The song comes with a rather simple, but also very catching chorus. The story is told in the verses. Very nice listen.

7. Paragliding

Slow, deep, intimate, intense – the seventh song is one of that kind you just have to listen to. Great listening experience with superb storytelling.

Out of the dark into the light
Into a new horizon
Now that you’re on the other side
A midnight sun is rising
And now you’re paragliding
I see a silver lining

8. Beautiful Madness

After that deep and sad experience, Beautiful Madness has been another very successful radio track in Germany. A song with reggae feeling, which makes you miss the sun back in winter. Love the vibe.

9. Earthquake

The ninth song is a rock-pop track with a touch of electronic sounds. I already stopped being surprised about the variety and quality of songs on B.O.A.T.S.. Especially this track is going straight into your heart and stays in your mind.

10. Mother’s Day

The story behind this song is really amazing: at the age of five little Michael Patrick Kelly stole flowers from the other graves in order to have a bouqet for Mother’s Day for his mother. Many years later, he is coming back with a truckload and decorating all the graves he took away the flowers. Great story, nicely told.

11. The World (feat. Ilse DeLange)

For The World, Kelly paired up with Dutch country singer Ilse DeLange. Not a bad song (and, definitely, a nice collaboration) – but overall, this song does not stay in mind as much as other ones do.

12. America

America, America,
Wake up, wake up, wake up for your hopes and dreams
America, America,
Stand up, stand up, stand up for what you believe.

A song, which starting very quietly and in the chorus could even be an alternative rock or hard rock album recording. Very present, powerful statement.

13. Thank You

The album is full of contrasts. For Thank You, Kelly changes back from (almost) hard rock to a soulful ballad, which is simply saying Thank You. It works out. You are not confused about these breaks, but you simply enjoy the album.

14. Icon

The song feels like a 1990’s soft rock song. Great vocal performance and beautiful play with different moods of the song.

15. Home

The final full song of the album is also the longest track on the album. A song about what lies up ahead, which almost feels like a farewell track of the US-Irish singer-songwriter. Fantastic one.

16. Boats (Reprise)

The main theme of the title track is used for this instrumental reprise. Lovely, almost festive finish of B.O.A.T.S.


Michael Patrick Kelly – B.O.A.T.S – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Michael Patrick Kelly – B.O.A.T.S – My View

This album is close to a(nother) masterpiece. Michael Patrick Kelly is just a exceptionally talented songwriter. The album is so versatile, so entertaining. Even if you don’t like all the songs, there be some you really enjoy. And listen to the stories. Kelly is just such a precise, catching musical narrator. No doubt about the Top Pick! rating here.


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    1. Florian Buechting Post author

      first of all, I agree to your thought that I appreciate if artists participate in writing their music. Co-writers are, however, very common in the business. In contrast Du that, there is for example the Jason Aldean album I reviewed this week – which is written fully externally.

      MPK is, however, mentioned in all credits. That does not necessarily mean that he has had the key share during the writing process, but at least he participated. As he is partially named as the only person in a certain role, I would guess (but cannot validate) that he did participate significantly in writing “B.O.A.T.S.”.

      In generaly, I appreciate if comments do not include rude language.


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