Emilia Quinn – Firecracker EP

Emilia Quinn - Firecracker



3.8/5 Pros

  • Powerful and unique sound
  • Fun to listen to the songs Cons

  • Just four songs / twelve minutes
  • Songs are quite close to each other

One of the really interesting releases of 24th July 2020 was Firecracker by Emilia Quinn. The young artist has received quite a lot of good feedback in her home country. In line with that, her press kit states powerhouse vocals and an own unique tone. After listening to her 2020 song Mistakes, I just felt to focus on her EP on that New Music Friday.


Emilia Quinn – About The Artist

Emilia Quinn is a British artist from Leeds. She is not only performing her own songs, but also driving Whiskey Kisses Promotions, which is supporting young British talent in Country, Americana and similar genres. Firecracker is Quinn’s second EP, her debut EP is called Wrote Off and has been released in 2019.


Emilia Quinn – Firecracker – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 12 minutes.

1. Ready Right Now

There were these two words I mentioned – powerhouse vocal and very unique toneReady Right Now is the door opener to the Firecracker world – and, yeah, these words are definitely not wrong! The song, even thought it does not use too many melodic elements, feels like a blast. Love that.

2. Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose is a bit softer. I wouldn’t call it a ballad, as Quinn’s voice is still roaring with a lot of power, but at least it has less of that “musical hurricane” feeling. Like it!

3. Drunk

Drunk is my favorite track on the album. It feels like the perfect mixture of the two tracks before: A lot of power, but also very melodic. You just love to listen to it. Cool one.

4. Outlaw

The cheecky chorus feels a bit like a nursery rhyme, but after a slow start, the very rhythmic and rocking track is finally another power song. Hard to imagine that this girl does it the slow way.


Emilia Quinn – Firecracker – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to Firecracker: 


Emilia Quinn – Firecracker – My View

I was really curious about this one – and i just have to say: well done, Emilia. The songs are impressing, you deliver just what you promise to the people: straight, honest, powerful songs. In this compact EP episode of four songs, it is really good – I am a bit afraid that her music becomes monotonous – any moment on these twelve minutes which has a touch of a romantic moment, for example, turns into quite powerful music. Let’s see. You did the second EP step – and you did it pretty well!


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