Brent Moyer – Song Rider

Brent Moyer - Song Rider



3.3/5 Pros

  • Good instrumental skills and nice melodies
  • Quite nice range of tracks Cons

  • The album just does not touch me

Brent Moyer is an artist, which is based in the USA, but has quite a fan base in Europe as well. He is doing rather traditional country music sounds. On 2nd July 2021, he released his new album Song Rider. Here is my review.


Brent Moyer – About The Artist

Brent Moyer, is a Wyoming native, who is nowadays living in Nashville. He is active since almost three decades. The first album he released is I’m Heading West dated as of 1983. So far, he released fourteen albums, including live recordings. Brent Moyer is very popular in Europe as well – he is especially well-connected to Switzerland.


Brent Moyer – Song Rider – Track by Track

The fourteen track album lasts 47 minutes.

1. Just Passing Through

The song starts with a country ballad, which might even have a schlager touch for the European listener. The nice work on the guitar and the gentle voice create a really nice atmosphere.

2. The Radio

Fats Domino playing Blueberry Hill or Elvis started shaking – he left me all shook up – in this song, Brent Moyer is praising the music legends. The sound is very traditional, the steel guitar has its presence as well as brass instruments. The drummer feels a bit bored in his role, but it is a nice traditional country sound.

3. I’m At Home

The third song is a quite classic country track again. The song has a nice rhythm and a good vibe, so it also be a nice soundtrack for a road trip. I love the play of the steel guitar in this song (I have to admit that I generally favor that instrument)

4. Some Lucky Stardust

Some Lucky Stardust is likely the song which made me smile most. It could be a kid’s lullaby or the title track of a kitschy Disney movie. Just gentle and beautiful. Good night, I take a gentle nap after listening to this one.

5. Song Riders

If Some Lucky Stardust is one to start the snore, Song Riders is the soundtrack for a slow start of the day. Don’t need to mention that Brent Moyer is not doing a smashing, rocking modern country song, but staying in the traditional styles.

6. Drink About It Tomorrow

This song has the touch of a Christmas track to me. The lyrics are fun, though – don’t want to tell too much. I really like to listen to this story.

7. Whatever Works

The fiddle and the steel guitar are the key instruments of this slow track. The song reminds me too much of music at the tea dance of an almshouse. Not too much I can relate to.

8. Vagabound of The Sea

While I started to become a bit of bored of the album, Brent Moyer gets back my attendance with Vagabound of The Seas. The track has quite some vibe and even has a slick rock music touch. Very straight, even quite modern compared to many other songs on the album. Good listen.

9. I Know, You Know Better

I Know, You Know Better does not continue the almost modern style of its predecessor, but it comes with a rhythmic, happy and easy sound. On top of that I highly recommend to listen to Brent Moyer’s music.

10. The Minstrel

Another song which really touched me: The Minstrel does not really have too many outstanding elements on the melodic side, but the song is simply touching. The way Brent Moyer is presenting this story is just some magical, so personal, so good. One on the top of my list.

11. Jenny Lake

The song is very rhythmic, but also feels quite experimental. I cannot relate too much to Jenny Lake, even though it is presenting a very new sound on the album, which I highly appreciate.

12. Working For The Country

I definitely enjoy the second half of the album. Working For The Country is a quite surprising track. Some parts even have a Caribbean touch. Marimba sounds and country music? Moyer proofs that this is possible.

13. Chase Those Blues Away

Chase Those Blues Away is a melancholic song, in which the fiddle comes in a very orchestral and not country-style sound. A very slow and track at the thirteenth spot of the album.

14. Easter Rain

The song starts with the sound of rain and the sound stays as part of the song. Brent Moyer closes the album with a very atmospheric, instrumental song.



Brent Moyer – Song Rider – Spotify

Here is Song Rider on Spotify:


Brent Moyer – Song Rider – My View

I struggle with Song Rider. The reason is definitely not the very classic interpretation of country music. The collection of songs is also quite versatile. Finally, I have to say that I appreciate quite some things about this album – but as a whole, it just does not manage to touch me sufficiently. Good instruments, some really good lyrics – but overall, I feel like longing for the end too much. Brent Moyer fans will love this 2021 release, though, for sure.


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