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Existent - Kartenhaus




Some German rock to be released on 23rd July 2021: I ran into the music of the band Existent and their new EP Kartenhaus (“House of Cards”). Very straight music, which I felt I just need to share with you. Here is my review.


Existent – About The Artist

Existent is a Hamburg based German rock / metal band. The four band members are vocalist and guitarist Marcel Dummer, guitarist Julian Jung, bassist Jonas Mensing and Dominik Schmidt on the drums. The band had their first release in 2013, when they published the EP Ein neuer Weg (“A new path”). Three years later, they released Startschuss (“Starting Shot”) – what a suitable name for a debut album.  I haven’t found any release between this album and the singles which are part of Kartenhaus.


Existent – Kartenhaus – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Kartenhaus

A bit of boring times for Existent fans – the first three songs of the EP have already been released by the band. The choice for the opener is a rather classic one: the Hamburg rockers start with the title track.

Und du weißt es nicht
Und du siehst es nicht
Und du willst es nicht verstehen
Doch Du fühlst genau
Eines Tages bricht
Dieses Kartenhaus mit uns ein

(“And you don’t know it
And you don’t see it
And you don’t want to understand it
But you precisely feel
That one day
This house of cards will collapse with us”)

A song, which is a perfect example for the whole EP: critical, straight rock songs with a clear message. Promising opener.

2. Im Freien Fall

Im Freien Fall (“Free Falling”) to me comes with the best and catching performance of teh whole set of songs. A song which is demanding to involve into social and political problems before it is too late. Very catchy vocals performance by Marcel Dummer.

3. Tick Tack

Tick Tack relates to the clicking of a watch. The song is about the increasing rhythm and speed of life we are living in. The song almost comes with a Rammstein touch – dark, powerful and a lot of rock. The Tick Tack in the chorus will catch a lot of people wihen Existent is on stage the next time.

4. Panik

Panik comes with a lot of speed and power. A song in which the band perfectly illustrates their instrumental and vocal strengths. The result: a powerful rock track, which almost forces to make you move to the rhythm of the forceful riffs.

5. Das Haus Am Ende Dieser Straße

The closing track of this EP is just another proof that rockers are just the best when it comes to deep and catching ballads. Quite moments as well as great guitar work finally lead to intense 4.20 minute. Is the EP really already over?


Existent – Kartenhaus – Spotify

Here is Kartenhaus on Spotify:


Existent – Kartenhaus – My View

Powerful, thoughtful, critical – and precisely recorded with musical and lyrical skills. The Five tracks of Kartenhaus just pass by too quickly. The band does an amazing job and shares five great tracks with the listener. Hope there will be more by the four guys from Northern Germany soon. En route to that, they deserve to earn the Top Pick! rating.


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