Danny McMahon – Senses EP

Danny McMahon - Senses



3.3/5 Pros

  • Good song basis Cons

  • Too many songs don't reach their potential

Danny McMahon is one of the most talented and best reputed British country music artists. For example, I ran into his performance at the British Country Music Festival in 2019. On 18th February 2022, he is releasing a new EPSenses. Here is my review.


Danny McMahon – About The Artist

D. Tanny McMahon is a British country-pop artist. In 2017, the played at the Country to Country Festival in London for the first time. The same year, he released his debut EP Making Memories. His second EP Momentarily followed the year thereafter. In 2019, there was another EP, Boys Cry Too.

Danny McMahon – Senses – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. Parachute

Parachute is a really good opener for the six track collection. The song has a catchy pop song touch, but still does not it’s country heart. A simply good listen.

2. Senses

Senses is a powerful, straight-forward track. While the chorus feels to come with a lot of energy, there is some slow-down in the verses. It does not catch me as much as Parachute, though.

3. Good or Gone

Good or Gone sounds like a perfect Nashville record – definitely my favorite on the EP. Powerful, catching, and also not taking down the power as much as in the verses than in its predecessor. Good.

4. These Hands

These Hands is a ballad. Beautiful lyrics, but I feel that the performance and the melody does not really reflect the story. So sorry.

5. It’s Too Late

In this recording, the songs with a strong pop-rock touch just take an easy presence at the top of my list of favorites. The chorus has a nice vibe and accentuation. Nonetheless, I feel Danny McMahon does not spread as much magic as he did in the past.

6. Lights of Our Hometown

This collaboration with Jenny Grace is not just the only single release of the EP before its release, it is also the most successful song by Spotify streams. Not a bad song, but finally, this track is driven by the beautiful vocal harmony between these two artists.


Danny McMahon – Senses – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Danny McMahon – Senses – My View

Senses worries me. It took Danny McMahon three years since Boys Cry Too – and this EP does not feel to work out completely despite the long waiting time. There is so much talent in this artist, it is really a shame. No bad songs, but too many feel that they wasted a higher potential. Parachutes and Good and Gone give some home for a brighter future. This one is just solid.


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