Low Cut Connie – Art Dealers

Low Cut Connie - Art Dealers



3.9/5 Pros

  • Straight concept
  • Nice altering sound and collaborations Cons

  • Slightly repetitive

In October 2020, I reviewed the album Private Lives by the US-American artist Low Cut Connie. Almost three years later, the project is back with its latest album release, Art Dealers. I had a listen to this set of songs, which has been released on 8th September 2023.


Low Cut Connie – About The Artists

Low Cut Connie is a US rock project from Philadelphia, which is already active since 2010. The main person behind the project is Adam Weiner, who also wrote all Art Dealers songs. For his 2023 album, he collaborated with different musicians like Will Donnelly, Linwood Regensburg, Attis Clopton or Adam Hill. Some more information about the band can be found in the Private Lives review, which finally lead to a Top Pick! rating. Especially the title track of the album lead to good streaming numbers. However, the songs could not connect to Weiner’s most successful songs, like Rio, which was part of the 2011 album Get Out The Lotion and has been streamed over six million times on Spotify only.

In addition to the album itself, there will also be an 80 minute documentation movie, which will be released in 2024. You may watch it on the Low Cut Connie North American Tour later this year, though.


Low Cut Connie – Art Dealers – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Turn me on are the first words of the album. The shout-out by a female voice feels like a wake-up call to the listener, reminding you not to miss a single moment of this album. Thereafter, Adam Weiner is taking over the vocal control in the very fluent and energetic listen.

2. Sleaze Me On

I read in some article about the album that Weiner dedicated this album to Lou Reed. The two openers definitely spread the spirit of the music legend. The sound of Low Cut Connie has a lovely, nostalgic touch, Sleaze Me On has been one of the feature singles – and it is definitely a nice appetizer for the full set of tracks.

3. Big Boy

Big Boy is presenting a thumbing, class rock’n’roll style. The variability in the musicians he is working with leads to a nice range of styles Weiner can present on his album. The strong presence of the rhythm

4. Are You Gonna Run?

The fourth track is a more gentle and emotional, guitar-driven track. If not performed with the Low Cut Connie project, this could be a soupy episode of Bruce Springsteen’s discography. The main theme of this song is very present and stays in your mind.

5. Don’t Get Fresh With Me

The fifth song comes with a cool bass groove, which spreads a little touch of funk music. In addition, the song nicely illustrates how variable Low Cut Connie also works on the vocal side. Here, some female background singers are added, defining a soulful element during the listen as well. One of the coolest songs of the album.

6. Wonderful Boy

Wonderful Boy is one of the emotional peaks of Art Dealers. There is not much more than a piano and Weiner, languishing his love feelings with an intense falsetto voice. You definitely have to create some feelings while listening.

7. Whips And Chains

The contrast from Wonderful Boy to a single release, Whips and Chains, couldn’t be much larger. The guitars and drums are taking back control of the sound of the album. Here and there, the backing vocals add a slightly scary touch to the overall fast running rock track. Finally, even the piano adds some fast keys to this powerhouse.

8. Take Me To The Place

The first piano chords already state clearly that Take Me To The Place will be on the rather emotional side again. There is some touch of kitsch on the vocal side at the beginning, but the more rocking parts of this song don’t allow to spread too much of that. Again, the combination of guitars and keys leads to a wonderful harmony.

9. Call Out My Name

Call Out My Name comes with a rather traditional style again. The song as such is another good one. However, apart from the quite intense usage of backing vocals, there is not too much new, which the ninth track is adding to the album.

10. King Of The Jews

To me, the August 2023 single release King Of The Jews is the most noticeable song of the album. Love it or hate it, the song impressively describes the evolution of Weiner’s Jewish story in the 4:12 minutes. This also turns the song into the longest listen of the whole album. You definitely should give it a try.

11. I Don’t Understand You

From the longest song to the shortie: I Don’t Understand You leaves a mark, despite its less than two minutes runtime. The song has a nice hook and strong rhythm which almost forces you to move to the rhythm. Good one.

12. Art Dealers

The title track of the album deals with an intense topic. Low Cut Connie discusses the impact of AIDS to the community in here. Great work on the guitars’ side, which take the lead creating a dramatic and deep atmosphere. Wow.

13. The Party’s Over

The Party’s Over – the final song of the album indeed feels like a farewell, a chucker-out. The song is more deeply reflects the cultural scene dying more and more. In that context, the whole album is a nice reference to the good, old times.


Low Cut Connie – Art Dealers – Spotify

Here is Art Dealers on Spotify:


Low Cut Connie – Art Dealers – My View

I absolutely liked the Private Lives album. Art Dealers is a bit weaker in my point of view. Nonetheless, it does gets its job done and beautifully praises classic music tunes and legendary artists. Especially if you like these times and artists, you will definitely enjoy Art Dealers – it is hard to get a sound like this one nowadays.

Favorite Song: King Of The Jews


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