Harper Grae – Confessions of a Good Southern Lady EP

Harper Grae - Confessions of a Good Southern Lady



3.5/5 Pros

  • Very good voice
  • Some really good tracks Cons

  • A bit of monotonous

Confessions of a Good Southern Lady – doesn’t the title already already tell you that this is country music? It is not a song title, but the name of an EP released by Harper Grae on 13th May 2022. I had a deeper listen after I ran into the EP while scanning new releases. Here are my thoughts.


Harper Grae – About The Artist

Harper Grae is an female country music artist from Montgomery, Alabama. She was born there on 4th July 1990. Her civil name, however, is Shanna Henderson. She even used this name for her first releases, but then re-branded to Harper Grae. Harper Grae is well-known for being part of the Glee TV show. Her debut album Break Your Crowns has been released in 2017 and came with a few quite successful songs. The most streams of her earlier years (almost 500k on Spotify only) had Monster, which has initially been a single release and then took the role of the key song of the 2018 EP Buck Moon Medleys. In 2020, she released Love You Anyway, which is nowadays her most popular song by Spotify streams.


Harper Grae – Confessions of a Good Southern Lady – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Devil Worship

Devil Worship sounds like a dark song – and in fact the opener comes with an intense listening experience. Beautiful vocals, good songwriting – which even makes me enjoy the spiritual part of the song.

2. I Like Ya Like That

After the first song is a bit of slow and has a lot of spiritual atmosphere, I Like Ya Like That comes with rocking and soulful parts and a lot of energy. Very cool and characteristic background melody. Great song.

3. The Joker

The Joker is a slow song again – but it comes with a lot of power energy. You just have to listen to Harper Grae, whose voice is so dominant in this song. Well arranged track.

4. Diggin’

This track, in which you partially only hear Harper Grae’s voice and some background violins is likely the most intense listen of this EP. On the other hand, you would likely not think about country music at the very first. Impressive vocal performance.

5. Dying on the Vine

Dying on the Vine and I Think About You are the only tracks, which have been featured before the EP. Dying on the Vine comes with a rich background arrangement, but still keeps the spirit of a country music ballad.

6. I Think About You

The second single release comes with a stronger country music signature. Especially towards the end of the song, fans of the genre definitely will have a smile in their face. The song has some dramatic sections, but is again rather emotional and ballad-alike

7. Dead to Me

A mixture of country-pop and gospel in an intense atmosphere – Dead to Me closes with the album with a very intense blend of musical ingredients. For me, the shortest track of the album is a bit too much.


Harper Grae – Confessions of a Good Southern Lady – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for the release:


Harper Grae – Confessions of a Good Southern Lady – My View

I have to give in, I am a bit of disappointed about Confessions of Good Southern Lady. When I selected the EP for review, I felt that this release could be a real blast – but finally, the deeper listen could not fully confirm it. Harper Grae especially impresses with her massive voice and also gives some good songs. This leads to a pretty good EP, but is not enough for a top-level release. One key reason is a lack of variety.


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