Kerle Fornia – Ist das der Weg nach Colorado?

Kerle Fornia - Ist das der Weg nach Colorado?



4.8/5 Pros

  • Great storytelling
  • Very wide range of persuading songs
  • Very fluent album listen

After a few mentions in my Songs of the Week, I was really looking forward to listen to the new album of the German band Kerle Fornia. On 26th January 2024, they finally released Ist das der Weg nach Colorado? (“Is that the way to Colorado?”). A good opportunity to have a deeper listen to their music.


Kerle Fornia – About The Artists

Kerle Fornia is a band from Bremen. When they released their debut album Gefundenes Fressen in 2019, the band still acted as a duo. Singer Daniel Hohorst and drummer Dennis Bokelmann, however, have now added band members. Tjard Cassens and Christian Pfeiff are both multi-instrumentalists. Before the Kerle Fornie released their sophomore album Ist das der Weg nach Colorado?, they especially got into focus of the music industry with two single releases, Elefanten and Maradona in Mexiko.


Kerle Fornia – Ist das der Weg nach Colorado? – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Der Weg nach Colorado

The name of the first track translates to “The Way To Colorado”. The 71 second slow piano and vocal part is rather an intro to the album than a full song.

2. Elefanten

The songs by Kerle Fornia have a rough and cheeky style like punk tracks. Another reason why I thought about that genre are very straight lyrics. The first full song Elefanten is a really good and catching song with a very social-critical message.

3. Meine Beerdigung

The first verse of the third track is Herzlich Willkommen auf meiner Beerdigung – “Welcome To My Funeral”. If you now think about a slow, melancholic track, you underestimate the Northern Germans. In fact, the song is a melodic, happy, snotty one. A song praising good friends and memories. Great!

4. Das Problem

Sie haben das Problem selbst erschaffen
Mit jeder Idee und jedem Rat
Sie machen sich jeden Tag zum Affen
Und nehmen nur sich selber wahr

(“They have created the problem by themselves
With every idea and every advice
They make a fool of themselves every day (literally: make themselves to an ape)
And just pick up on themselves”)

The single release Das Problem (“The Problem”) is a very fast and straight message. This also leads to a rather aggressive feeling. The song topics the struggles you have, especially with your problems, during adolescence – and that too many parents rather just take their own perspective and experience during that time.

5. Märchenpark

The fifth song takes us to the “Fairy Forest”. The song rather feels like a folk track. The song is about how things are branded nowadays and you feel to be modern by using English words instead of German ones. Thus, I also cannot fully translate the chorus. However, I feel it is just a good one and have to share it.

Früher war der “Magic” noch der Märchenpark
Wir sind Zeugen einer Zeit
Als die “City” noch der Stadtkern war
Doch das ist längst vorbei.
Heutzutage geben wir uns gern international
Visitors of Germany, Heaven first class.

Interestingly, the song also takes a surprising and ironic turn, when Kerle Fornia do a bridge in English language. The first line of the chorus, by the way, refers to the Magic Park Verden, an amusement park and fairy forest near Bremen. It used to be named Märchenpark Verden when the park opened in 1971.

6. Unser altes Lied

“Our old Song” is a mid-tempo song, which is again looking back to youth memories. Unser altes Lied stays in your mind when you thing about your memories of former times. Again, there is also a nice sense of irony in the song. This time, Kerle Fornia presents a die-hard, straight hip hop section towards the end of the song.

7. Die Zukunft

Die Zukunft (“The Future”) just takes 44 seconds of the album. The interlude feels like a somehow crazy speaker, who is talking about things which will happen in the future.

8. Maradona in Mexiko

If there wasn’t the new release by Catherine McGrath (or if I regarded her song as a country track), Kerle Fornia would have very likely taken the lead in my Songs of the Week as of 15th December 2023 with this track. The song is the best one of the album, such a great catch and sing-a-long with a slight folk-shanty touch. I love it.

Komm wir ziehen mal so richtig los
Wie Maradona in Mexiko
Und Doc Brown kommt im DeLorean
Aber wann weiss ich nich ganz genau

(“Come on, we are properly heading out another time
Like Maradonna in Mexico
And Doc Brown is coming in his DeLorean
But I don’t know exactly when”)

9. Kleiner Schluck

Es ist okay, noch mehr vertrag’ ich nicht – “It is okay, I cannot stand any more”. The groovy song is about a weekend party. Having some drinks, talking about what has happened the previous week. Kerle Fornia are presenting a very different style again. The song is very groovy and laid back. The drink which is praised in this song is Aperol Spritz, by the way.

10. Aufstehen & Pennen

“Wake up and sleep” is what the tenth song is about – at least if you translate the title. The song is about that you have a so densely packed schedule nowadays and just don’t find time to relax. The track has a classic rock touch, even heading a bit towards hard rock. Time for the instrumentalists to show their expertise. Very nice one.

11. Alles kommt wieder

Alles kommt wieder spreads a certain melancholy. However, the message that everything is coming back in life is also having an optimistic part in this song. Nice listen.

12. Geisterzimmer

Alles sieht aus wie immer
Von Deinem Verschwinden keinen Schimmer
Im Haus der Geisterzimmer.

(“Everything looks like always
There is no glance of your disappearance
In the house of ghost rooms”)

Despite the sad message, the song is developing a nice vibe. The pop-rock track is nicely describing the struggle of dealing with the situation that someone is suddenly gone. This song also comes with an impressing dramatic plot.

13. Auf bald

Auf bald could be translated with See you soon! With 5:25 minutes, Kerle Fornia saved the longest song for last. The song is an amazing, very quiet farewell song. A beloved person has died, the song comes with an intense atmosphere. After the majority of the song is more or less focusing on the lyrics only, it breaks out towards the end into a rather loud part. Great songwriting.


Kerle Fornia – Ist das der Weg nach Colorado? – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Kerle Fornia – Ist das der Weg nach Colorado? – My View

The more I listen to Ist das der Weg nach Colorado?, the more I love it. The album comes with a great plot, fun songs as well as very deep message. Daniel Hohorst and Dennis Bokelmann, who co-wrote the songs, did an amazing job. And with their band, they turned it into amazing music. Great release, which is also coming with a great plot.

Favorite Songs: Meine Beerdigung and Maradonna in Mexiko in Bremen

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