Eyelar – Mistakes & Contradictions EP

Eyelar - Mistakes & Contradictions



3.7/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic sound
  • Some good listens

Eyelar is a very interesting artist from the Netherlands. She is already looking back to a decade of releasing music. Nonetheless, her 7th July release Mistakes & Contradictions is in fact her debut EP. I had a listen to it.


Eyelar – About The Artist

Eyelar Mirzazadeh was born on 16th December 1993 in Amsterdam. She is already active as a professional musician since late teenage years. Her debut single Girls on Fire has been released in 2012. Her biggest success, though, was the song Dopamine, a collaboration with the German producer Purple Disco Machine. The song charted in several countries. Despite just missing the Top 50 in Austria, the song has been a platinum record there. Eyelar also had some successful songs as a writer. Despite her long career, she never released an EP or album before.


Eyelar – Mistakes & Contradictions – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Closet

Closet is a rather slow starter into Mistakes & Contradictions. Eyelar presents a slow, dreaming song with a typical modern indie-pop signature. The song comes with a strong focus on synth atmospheric elements. Even though

2. Newest Kid In School

It’s quite a contrast from Closet to Newest Kid In School. The second track of the song is very present with a strong rhythm. The strumming guitar even adds some rock music flavor to this one. Last, but not least, the Dutch artist is doing nice storytelling in here. Good one!

3. Obsessed With Your Ex

Obsessed With Your Ex is one of two songs released as feature singles. The title as such is already a catch, ain’t it? However, not the title only is a good listen – I like the cheeky, self-confident style of this one. I agree that this is one of the best songs of the EP.

4. Man Like Her

With Man Like Her, Eyelar presents a song of her rather fragile side. A very interesting story about a rather complicated love story. But she’s the only one who’s ever loved me in return – so I keep on looking for a man like her. A very nice focus on the vocals and the story turns the song into a good listen.

5. Hurt Myself

The fifth song nicely connects to the fourth one and presents another emotional listen. The track is rather short one and just lasts 90 seconds.

6. Care Like You

Care Like You has been the latest of the two single releases and teased the EP in early June 2023. Not as catching as Obsessed With Your Ex to me, but not a bad listen at all.


Eyelar – Mistakes & Contradictions – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotfy:


Eyelar – Mistakes & Contradictions – My View

Eyelar presents a very interesting set of songs. There are some really catching ones like the first single release, others feel a bit of weaker. Still a nice style, good stories and a good listen – especially if you like modern indie-pop.


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