Diana DeMuth – Misadventure

Diana DeMuth - Misadventure



4.1/5 Pros

  • Strong stories and songwriting
  • Great and catchy voice Cons

  • A bit weaker towards the end

I ran into the music of Diana DeMuth some weeks before her debut album release, when I was scanning for new songs. The Massachusetts girl now living in Los Angeles is a fascinating artist. The more, I was looking forward to listen to her Misadventure, which will be released on 25th September 2020.


Diana DeMuth – About The Artist

Diana DeMuth is originally from Concord, Massachusetts, a village just outside Greater Boston on the countryside. She discovered music at the age of thirteen, including singing and writing songs. About a year later, she recorded her first EP. She quit college after just one week in order to pursue her musical career. Since then, she decided to go the tough way of an artist, playing minor gigs, making money with other jobs like being a waitress and improving her skills. She also spent part of the time in London, so that it is not too surprising that she already toured in the United Kingdom as well.


Diana DeMuth – Misadventure – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Hotel Song

So come on baby bust me out of this hotel
Gather up my belongings
Letʼs run for it
Itʼs crazy living out of this suitcase
Running round in the rat race
And Iʼm done with it
But Iʼll keep holding on, holding onto you
When all the moneyʼs gone
Iʼll still belong to you
So Iʼll keep holding on, holding onto you

Slow, very melodic and a very catching chorus – the Hotel Song is a great and promising start to the Misadventure. Nice starter!

2. Into My Arms

Into My Arms is a more rhythmic, also a quicker track. It spreads a lot of positive energy and happy vibes. Hard to believe that this musical trip could really become a Misadventure.

3. Rose Of Nantucket

With sime 70,000 streams, Rose of Nantucket is Diana DeMuth’s most popular song on Spotify so far. After three songs, I can already say: I love that voice. DeMuth’s voice just has this characteristic sound, this high memorability… But also that kind of sound that you just feel like listening to her. Great song!

4. The Young The Blind

Up in Sulivan County
The young and the blind
The bums in the Bowery
The piss and the Wine
If you canʼt pay the dowry
Then you canʼt taste whatʼs mine
The bums in the Bowery
The young and the blind

Even though this is an acoustic guitar track, the song has a lot of power, also feels quite angry. It catches me, just makes me listen to it. Great one!

5. Steady Rolling

You mightʼve seen me neath the pool hall lights
Well baby I go back each night
If you got a throat I got a knife
Steady rolling
And I keep going

A slow and intense piano ballad. DeMuth’s feels slightly softer in here compared to other tracks, but it is still a very straight sound. Just no chance not to listen to her.

6. Signs

I listened to Misadventure a couple of times before I even started to write anything about it (the great advantage of receiving CDs before publication – thanks, Oktober Promotion!). The more often I listened to the album, the more Signs became one of my favorites. Beautiful song, nice melody and good lyrics.

7. Photographs

When I stare at your photograph
Curse these things that we save
Lying here in the aftermath
Of the dangerous games that we played
How could we ever capture that
You try not to end up a Slave
Just a slave to these photographs

I am already in love with Diana DeMuth (at least: with her music). The next piano ballad, Photograph, just strengthens my feels. Beautiful!

8. All The Liars

The album is getting now very slow and intimate now. Very intense songs – All The Liars starts very deep, but feels a bit more happy thereafter. Nice track.

9. In Ivory White

The album features a couple of slow piano ballads now – I have to say that In Ivory White gives me a bit of boredom. Not a too bad song, but there were more different sounds and characters of tracks at the beginning of the song.

10. Already Gone

I let all my loving go
It started to feel more like rage
Slid a note beneath a glass
And I left that place
Get your money darling
Gather up your clothes
We wonʼt sleep till morning
Need to get another dose

Another slow track, but this time, we are back in the acoustic guitar sounds. The 2:34 minutes (shortest track by the way) feels like a sum-up, like a story told at the beginning. Catches me much more than In Ivory White.



Diana DeMuth – Misadventure – Spotify

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Diana DeMuth – Misadventure – My View

No doubt, Diana DeMuth does very intimate, soulful, good music. Very well writen songs – I really loved to listen to that album. Bad luck that it feels a bit weaker towards the end. But a lovely to listen collection of folk songs, definitely. If you give this artist a chance in your music collection, she will pay back with enjoyable times for you!


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