Lautstärke – Ruhe vor dem Sturm EP

Lautstärke - Ruhe vor dem Sturm



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very good rock tracks
  • Nice variation of styles, especially in "Fenster" and "Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus" Cons

  • Rather short

Lautstärke is a German band, which is doing German lyrics rock songs with a touch of punk. On 29th March 2024, they release a new EPRuhe vor dem Sturm. I received the release before its publication on a promotion platform and felt it might be a lovely piece of music on Good Friday.


Lautstärke – About The Artists

Lautstärke has been founded in 2016 in Euskirchen, South of Cologne. The founding members were Tobias Schönbeck and Tim Bielen. While the latter left the band in summer 2023, Schönbeck is still the guitarist of the band. The other band members are Andre Dederichs (vocals), Marvin Jordans (bass) and Marco Rogowski (drums). After the self-produced debut EP Zurück zu Dir, they released their only album so far, Vom Morgen Danach in 2020. Ruhe vor dem Sturm is the second EP of the band.


Lautstärke – Ruhe vor dem Sturm – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 13 minutes.

1. Schöner Tag

The first song of the EP kicks off with full rock power. You can also feel the punk heart of the band in Schöner Tag (“Beautiful Day”). This opener is definitely a fun listen, which is also made to have fun during a live show.

2. Leben

The first step, being in the first year at school, the first kiss, the first alcohol jag – this song is looking back on the “Life” (Leben) so far. A powerful and fun uptempo track, which makes my rock heart smile.

Ich wurd’ in diese Welt geboren
Ich war nackt und hab gefroren
Abgerutscht an Maslows Pyramide
Welchen Weg muss ich jetzt gehen?
Um nicht nur hinten anzustehen
Mama, was ist nur von mir geblieben?

(“I have been born into this world
I was nacked and frezy
Slipped on Maslow’s Pyramide
Which way do I have to take now
Just in order not to be left behind?
Mama, what on Earth is left of me?”)

3. Strand

Definitely not a ballad, but a bit slower and more emotional is that trip to the “Beach” (Strand). A beautiful song, which is celebrating the scenery on a warm summer day with a beloved person. The song concludes with Komm und lauf mit mir, wir bleiben für immer hier – “Come and run with me, we stay here forever”. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?


4. Fenster

With rap parts and drum computer-alike rhythms, Fenster is presenting a very different sound of Lautstärke. The song also comes with a rather dramatic style. Very different compared to the other tracks, but a nice one.

5. Mein Kleiner Grüner Kaktus

Listening to the chucker-out really made me smile. The song was been originally written and performed by the Comedian Harmonists in the 1930’s and is still rather popular in Germany. The Lautstärke version comes with a mystical, dark, cheeky punk rock signature. Finally, I feel that this interpretation of the classic one works out – and adds a nice flavor to this EP.


Lautstärke – Ruhe vor dem Sturm – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Lautstärke – Ruhe vor dem Sturm – My View

Unfortunately, only Leben and Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus are previously unreleased songs. Nonetheless, if Ruhe vor dem Sturm is your initial contact with this band, you will have a great time with this listen over five songs. Otherwise, the three single releases might already give you some memories with the band. Nice one!

Favorite Track: Leben


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