Untamed – Untamed

Untamed - Untamed



4.0/5 Pros

  • Good, straight rock album
  • Entertaining listen

I am typically glad to run into new bands and interesting acts. A few weeks before the release, I received the promo kit to the debut album of a band from Augsburg in Germany. The rock band Untamed were about to have an self-titled release on 24th November 2023. I decided to share it with you.


Untamed – About The Artists

On their website, Untamed name themselves a Full Power Rock Trio and advice to do their music Fucking Loud. The trio consists of singer and guitarist Domi Niggl, drummer and backing vocalist Flams and bassist D.K.. Untamed exists since 2019. They were quite active in 2023, releasing several singles after their debut one, Out of Control, which has been released in February 2023.


Untamed – Untamed – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Take Me To Paradise

At least the title sounds promising before you have even listened to a single tune. I would not state that this song really takes me to rock paradise. But the Germans give me a straight kick-ass rocker and make me smile during their first song.

2. Get Out

this four minute song starts kind of slow, but then focuses on a clear, powerful rock song. The thumbing rhythm kicks my rock heart in style. I agree that it would love to turn the volume up, just as the band is telling me. But I am writing this review in the middle of the night and don’t know if my neighbors have a rocking heart as well.

3. Out Of Control

The third song is majorly driven by the hammering guitar riffs. The sound of Domi Niggl on the microphone comes with a very characteristic touch, which even turns the song into something more memorable.

4. Can You Hear Me

Untamed is now presenting a set of three already released tracks. the first of these songs, Can You Hear Me, shows the emotional side of the Bavarians. Due to the final minute, which introduces more guitar influence, the song deserves the “power” in power ballad. One of my favorites.

5. Sex Tape

Oh, that title reads like a perfect candidate for the Explicit Lyrics warning. This song is definitely one of these “turn the volume up” ones. Untamed get cheeky, dirty – or simply: they rock!

6. Get Down (My Baby)

The video preview picture / single cover and the title already suggest: this song might not turn out being less sleazy than its predecessor. Get down, my baby, you drive me crazy. I better don’t quote too many other lines of the songs. It is getting hot in here – but I enjoy the listen.

7. Down To Ground

Down To Ground opens with a typical Hey Hey cheer up, which will be a perfect one for the future Untamed show. Indeed, the trio plays it safe in here and presents a cool rocker, which feels familiar from he very beginning.

8. Euthanize Myself

So far, the album has been no reason to do what this song title is demanding. The 4.35 minute songs is having some nice instrumental parts – overall I feel, though, that other songs leave a deeper mark. The song has a memorable finale, though.

9. Feeling Sick

Feeling Sick is the last already released song of the album. Untamed go for a faster pace in this song, which is having a fine groove from the bass side.

10. Sucker

Another “Parents, don’t explain that word to your kids” song. The rather biographic song, is thereby especially persuading with a good and catching sound. Nice way to clear the floor at the end of the show.


Untamed – Untamed – Spotify

Here is Untamed on Spotify:


Untamed – Untamed – My View

Untamed is entertaining. The album has a really nice touch, even though not all songs blow your mind. It is like a good friend. Reliability counts over being attractive sometimes. I enjoyed the listen.

Favorite Song: Cam You Hear Me


Untamed – Tour Dates 2023 / 24

The band is on stage in late 2023 and early 2024:

Fr 24.11.2023 Augsburg – Bob’s (album release Show, Germany)
Fr 01.12.2023 Heidenheim – Underground Discothek
Fr 22.12.2023 Donauwörth – Doubles Star Club
Sa 13.01.2024 Peiting – Juze
Sa 27.01.2024 Mengen – Jugendhaus
Sa 02.03.2024 Schweina – Maßstabwerk
Fr 22.03.2024 Oberentfelden (Switzerland) – Böröm
Fr 12.04.2024 Regensburg (Germany) – Alte Malzerei


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