Emily Rose – Wings EP

Emily Rose - Wings



3.9/5 Pros

  • Seven pretty good songs
  • Very nice voice Cons

  • No outstanding track

Some more traditional country music tunes to finish my review weekend: Emily Rose released her new EP Wings on 6th August 2021. She is naming Emmy Lou Harris as one of her idols, she formerly played in a Conway Twitty tribute band. I have been really curious to have a deeper look into her music when I ran into her EP.


Emily Rose – About The Artist

It is a bit of difficult to find bio about the country artist Emily Rose. The key reason is that there are at least two more musicians, who are named Emily Rose (but, at least, do not do country music. She grew up in Flemington, New Jersey, somewhere between New York City and Philadelphia. At the age of 18, she decided to move to Nashville. The founded her own label in 2019 and in 2019, she released her debut EP HeartsWings is her second EP.


Emily Rose – Wings – Track by Track

The seven song EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. She’s Got Wings

The title track is a beautiful opener. It just comes with a touch of country music, there is also a strong reference to a melodic pop songShe’s Got Wings is beautifully built around Emily Rose’s album. Enjoy to listen to it.

2. Sunsets Are Pretty

The acoustic guitar and the steel guitar create a beautiful cushion of melodies before the chorus is also adding some more rhythm to the track. A gentle song and enjoyable listen.

3. Some Good News

Some Good News feels a bit more traditional from the very beginning. However, Emily Rose’s sound is not outdated. I definitely enjoy this track as much as I did the two previous ones.

4. Version of Me

One thing I loved a about this EP from the very beginning is that Version of Me is one of only two already released songs – Emily Rose fans thus get five new tracks when they buy the EP. And this one they know already is not bad at all: regarding it is an Emily Rose, it feels rather modern and a bit of angry. Cool sound with a nice organ backing.

5. Golden Slumbers

The Golden Slumbers is a mixture of a ballad and a lullaby (which is also mentioned in the lyrics). I am indeed a bit sleepy, but rather enjoy to listen to this song instead of following the music, which is just 1:50 minutes anyway.

6. Love’s Gonna Find You

Love’s Gonna Find You is the second already published song. A really nice track which is referencing the typical country music topics of small town country life and home. Good.

7. Bad Days

Bad Days is a rather modern track by Emily Rose again. The song is a good listen, but I don’t feel that it is adding too much new things to the EP – the song feels to be comparably close to other tracks on the EP.



Emily Rose – Wings – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Emily Rose – Wings – My View

Wings is more than just a pretty solid release. I feel it is not a top-rating one, just because all of the songs are good, but the tracks just don’t come with that special touch, something which especially stays in your mind. Nonetheless, Emily Rose’s 2021 EP gives you a really nice listen, especially if you rather prefer traditional sounds.


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