Electric Horseman – Lies to Love for

Electric Horseman - Lies to Love for



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice blending of genres
  • Very nice, pleasing listen

For the music review weekend of 24th November 2023, I picked a bunch of rather new German acts in my review. One of them is the band Electric Horseman, who are releasing their debut album Lies to Love on that day. Here is my review of the album.


Electric Horseman – About The Artists

Electric Horseman calls themselves and indie folk rock band on their band’s website. However, there are also influences of other genres like country music, but also psychedelic sounds. The band is a quartet. Two members, Andy Schiller and Dan Geiger both act as singer and guitarists of the band based in Darmstadt, Germany. Jan Aulbach is the bassist, while Patrick Thornley is drumming. Founded in 2016, Electric Horseman have already released two EPs, the 2018 Arrival and the 2020 Billboards And Palisades


Electric Horseman – Lies to Love for – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. All My Tricks

The album kicks off with this almost five minute long single release. All My Tricks is majorly focusing on the rock music blending of the music of Electronic Horseman. Nice opener with a good, catching melody. Like it.

2. Sound Of Your Goodbye

While Sound Of Your Goodbye keeps the rock style as the dominating character, you also feel the influence of Americana genres much stronger than in the song before. The vibe of the song even reminds me a bit of surfer pop songs – I enjoy this nice ease while listening.

3. Space Baby

The Space Baby reminds of many space-themed songs. There is also a slight psychedelic touch in this song. A key factor which is defining the atmosphere of this song is the very steady, monotonous drumming (especially in the stanzas), which creates a very intense listen.

4. Surreal Places

Surrel Places nicely combines indie-folk and rock elements. The stomping rhythm and the groovy bass create a cool and laid back listen. In general, I really enjoy the instrumental work at this song.

5. Sinner

The fifth song of the album (right in the middle of it…) strongly focuses on the instrumental part again. The song is rather slow and swaying. The whole track works with distorted sounds as well. This leads to a very special listen. I enjoy it.

6. The Charger

While listening to the last songs, I more and more felt that the sound Electric Horseman are producing is so beautifully pleasant. I simply enjoy listening to what the guys are doing. Time has been passing again and again, with me simply listening to the music, enjoying, but not keep on writing this review. Definitely a good thing, which applies to The Charger as well.

7. Under Your Wings

I initially thought that the groove of Under Your Wings could be too close to The Charger. But the song is more rocking and the chorus creates a nice, unique catch.

8. Waiting With The Stars

The surf rock feeling is getting back strongly while listening to Waiting With The Stars. The song is also having a rather traditional style (in a positive way…). Nice song, which is beautifully in line with the remaining album

9. City Lights

The closing City Lights are especially epic: Electric Horseman farewells you from their debut album with this seven minute listen. The song initially feels a bit monotonous, but then takes a very theatric style and introduces several “break-out sections”, which come with a very different, dream-ish sound. Nice.


Electric Horseman – Lies to Love for – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Electric Horseman – Lies to Love for – My View

I really enjoyed how this German band is blending different genres for their debut album. Lies to Love for is a nice listen, either if you grant it deep attention or simply enjoy it as an easy listen. Not a must-listen, but a very nice, reliable record.

Favorite Song: Sound Of Your Goodbye


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