Horskh – Body

Horskh - Body



3.6/5 Pros

  • Good style in different neo-industrial metal elements
  • Some really good songs Cons

  • Not a constant song quality

I rarely feature music from France on On this week, featuring the 19th January 2024 releases, there is one of these opportunities. The French neo-industrial metal trio Horskh is releasing a new album named Body. I had the opportunity to have a deeper listen before the album release already.


Horskh – About The Artists

Horskh is a trio from Besancon in France. Nowadays, they are a trio consisting of Bastien Hennaut (vocals), Jordan Daveiro (guitar) and drummer Sylvain Abriel. However, I found also some reviews of their early works, where they are named as a duo.The French typically mix metal, grunge and electronic influences. Their first major release was the 2014 EP Dawn. Apart from an extended version of that EP released later, their discography states a 2017 album, Gate, and the 2021, Wire.


Horskh – Body – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Tension

Quite a bunch of tracks on Body are rather compact. This also applies for the just two minute opener Tension. There is not too much time wait and develop a complex plot – the French band heads straight-forward into full force mode. This is nice for both, the song as such and the album.

2. Do It

Do It kicks of like a guitar battle, before a very typical instrumental rhythm is added to the sound of the second song. While the song’s stanzas feel like a choir (a touch of Gregorian…), Bastien Hennaut is jelling out the chorus with a nice sense of aggression. Good one.

3. Interface

Distorted vocals, electronic drumming – not only in the beginning of Interface, the metal soul of Horskh is just popping up in scattered moments. I personally enjoy the songs with a stronger guitar focus more, I have to say. The second part of the song has a rather threatening touch, which suits quite nicely, though.

4. Body Building

Even though Body Building comes with quite a lot of electronic elements again, the fourth song feels to be more balanced to me. The hammering drums are driving the track impressively.

5. XlungX

XlungX is quicker than its predecessor and also feels a bit more brutal in the metal parts. I like how the song is quickly changing between very different styles without feeling random. There are choir elements as well as shouting, additionally powered by intense bass drum support. Unfortunately, the bridge takes away a bit of the energy.

6. Curse

The sixth track is a short one. The atmospheric interlude takes some 69 seconds.

7. Turbine ON

The turbines are kicked off with a stomping rhythm and a lot of metallic brutality. Nonetheless, synth and electronic elements are in Turbine ON as well. Overall, I would name the seventh track being the most balanced one of the album.

8. Useless Animal

Even in that 2:45 minute track, Horskh are going for an almost half a minute instrumental intro. If you prefer the synth part of industrial metal songs, you will definitely enjoy how these sounds lead into the scattered metal parts.

9. Laying Down in the Mud

Lay Down in the Mud is on of the few songs, which open and focus on a rather “classic” guitar chord theme. Even though I would typically feel to like that kind of sound, the song does not work out for me too well.

10. Distorted Again

The tenth song is again showing a wider range of sounds. The French band is nicely presenting themselves in Distorted Again. Especially the chorus works out fine.

11. It Spreads

the album closes with a non-vocal, majorly electronic track. Thus, It Spreads rather feels like an epilogue to the album than as an ordinary track.


Horskh – Body – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Horskh – Body – My View

Body is a nice album. Here and there, the style of the French trio is really striking. Unfortunately, some songs just cannot connect to the best tracks of the album. I am sure that neo-industrial metal fans will pick a bunch of track for their playlist, though.

Favorite Song: Do It



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