Some weird sports I discovered during Covid-19

Are you currently also fascinated (or disgusted) by the Olympic Games? This posting is about cool sports – even though none of them will lead to a golden medal in Tokyo. During the last one and a half years of pandemic boredom, YouTube more and more felt that it should spam me with weird sports. I felt that during the largest multi-sports event of all it is time to share these videos with you – hope they re entertaining to you. I felt these sports are very entertaining.



Teqball is something like a blend of table tennis and soccer. The sports is actually quite popular in numerous countries, especially Hungary. Even if you are not into teqball at all – this video is a real thriller, representing a match of the World Championships 2019. Enjoy!


Sepak Takraw

Kicking the ball, part 2: Speak Takraw reminds of volleyball. The sports is a highly developed competitive one in South East Asia. Not that surprisingly, this video has been taken from the 2015 South East Asian Games, where people are fascinated by the artistic moves.


Model Auto Racing

Two videos, same sports – but still very different. Model Automobile racing is very popular in multiple markets worldwide. The races are actually quite a thriller – I personally prefer the “offrad” video below, where the scale model cars do massive jumps.


Stadium Super Trucks

Stadium Super Trucks are very popular in Australia and North America. The powerful pickup-style large trucks lead to spectacular races. This is driven by two key reasons: first of all, in fast bends, the inner front tire typically does not have contact to the race course. You could also say that they race on three wheels. What is however really cool is that they put ramps on the tracks, so that the trucks jump up to 60 meters wide through the air. Okay, that’s really fun!


Classic Tetris

Do you still remember the good old Game Boy battles in this game? The Classic Tetris World Championships are just an amazing competition. The speed of the contestants and their precision is outstanding.



Caber Toss

Okay, let’s stay at video games somehow. If you are a 1980’s kid, you did that sports in your younger years. Epyx’ legendary World Games featured that discipline, which is a classic part of any Highland Games. Better don’t try it on your own.


Swamp Buggy Racing

Sorry if you don’t like motor sports – here is another one. I was really amazed about this sports. I wonder if the second placed driver is able to see anything in that sports. Interesting vehicles as well. Weird, but somehow funny.



In Germany, Völkerball is part of any physical education school career. Few people know that dodgeball is in fact also a competitive sports. It is actually quite popular in North America and parts of Asia. If you are a gamer, you might even remember some classic dogeball video games. The match below is a really good one.


Ostrich Racing

If you want to do horse racing and don’t have a horse, you take a camel. If you don’t have a camel… What about an ostrich? Not sure if these guys really like to be part of a race – but you just cannot argue that this kind of sports has something special.


Table Tennis Trick Shot

Okay, that’s not a sport as such – but I just recommend to watch this one. Amazing skills with the tiny ball – and the only sports which you somehow can explore in Tokyo.


Dragon Boat Tug-Of-War

Tug-Of-War has even been an Olympic sports in the past – and it is still part of the World Games program. This one is when you want to do Tug-Of-War, but in fact just have a boat, but no rope. Another difference: you are not trying to pull your opponent over the marking, but push you section of the boat over it.


Tuk Tuk Polo

Classic polo, cycle polo… Or Tuk Tuk Polo? The small stinking vehicles drive major parts of Asia – and can be used to do some sports as well.


Penny Farthing Racing

Another example for amazing performances in sports. Circling all the time in cycle track oval may already be a certain challenge. Here, the contestant was tired of an ordinary bike and went for a rather classic design. Cool.



Tennis? Squash? A rink like Ultimate Fighting or the trampoline in the backyard of your neighbor? 360Ball is all of that. Feels like a lot of action – and a lot of chaos.


Hot Wheels Racing

Last, but not least – what would be a posting like this without Mario? Don’t take it too seriously – but this video just made me smile.



Title: Teqball World Championships Final 2019, Mixed Doubles, on YouTube (screenshot)


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