Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Death Wish Blues

Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton - Death Wish Blues



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice blues rock collaboration
  • Nice range of works

While both artists, Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton, have quite a long and successful discography, Death Wish Blues is in fact their debut album as a duo. I received the album, which has been released on 19th May 2023, prior to the publication. Here are my thoughts.


Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – About The Artists

Samantha Fish was born on 30th January 1989 in Kansas City. She is very often named to be a blues or blues rock artist, but also released funk and country songs. She started releasing music in 2009. Her most recent solo release was the album Faster, which received a Top Pick! rating in my review.

Jesse Dayton is a musician and actor from Beaumont, Texas. His solo debut album is dated as of 1995 (Raisin’ Cain). However, he is rather known as a guitarist in country music productions. For example, he played guitar parts in album recordings by Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings or Willie Nelson.


Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Death Wish Blues – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Deathwish

I guess you can call the opener to be the title track of the album as well. Samantha Fish states in the chorus Your kiss is like a deadwish. She also mainly wrote the melody to this heavy, slighty stomping blues tune. Dayton added suitable lyrics. The result is that nicely empowered, memorable piece of blues rock.

2. Down in the Mud

The collaboration of the duo on Death Wish Blues feels very leveraged and emancipated. While Fish was in the lead regarding the vocal presence in the opener, it is now Dayton’s turn. The song has some very groovy parts, which even feel a bit of funky. However, the songs goes back to its basics again and again so that the song does not feel too virtuous.

3. Riders

Despite which member of the duo is in the lead regarding the vocal role, the instrumental part is often controlled by the bass. This also applies to Riders, where the instrument is present from the very beginning. However, the song also creates more and more rock elements during the total runtime of 3:40 minutes.

4. Settle for Less

The fourth song of the album, Settle for Less, is the last one on the record, which has already shared by the band. The guitars have quite some presence and add a garage rock style here and there. The powerful riffs are like a wake up signal in the chorus. The duo does not allow you to miss it.

5. Trauma

Rocking, pop-ish, funky, even a bit of soulful elements – this three minute Trauma is having some fun for any kind of music listener. The verses remind me of Tom Jones. The repeated Never gonna stop loving you feels like a manntra.

6. No Apology

While the songs before typically came with a very unique and strong character, No Apology almost feels like a mainstream song at first sight. Fish is sounding lovely in this very clear, non-distorted musical environment.

7. Flooded Love

Mainstream? Pop-ish? Not with this one! The bass is marching forward from the very first moment of the Flooded Love. Strong overall Americana touch – the song has some road trip soundtrack potential as well.

8. Lover on the Side

Compared to the groove I called “marching forward” in the song before, the drums are almost galloping in this one. Lover on the Side also comes with a very interesting and entertaining country music touch. Lovely solo towards the end of the song.

9. Rippin and Runnin

The song opens with a narrative part by Fish, which is majorly feeling angry and energetic. Later, the are also more intense guitar part.

10. Dangerous People

Not sure which kind of drums or musical instrument the duo and their musicians are hitting in the opening of this song. It feels like people having fun jamming in the kitchen or living room to me. While the verses fall back to that kind of song, the chorus is having a nice rock sound with a blues groove.

11. Supadupabad

The second last song is increasing the speed of the album again. Supadupabad thereby also uses narrative elements, which feel a bit darker and more threatening than in other songs of the album.

12. You Know My Heart

The closing song is rather harmonic and comes with a folk-ballad alike style. Whatever happens, finally the statement of this song is … but you know my heart. Beautiful love recording.


Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Death Wish Blues – Spotify

Here is Death Wish Blues on Spotify:


Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Death Wish Blues – My View

I love the variety of songs these two artists are presenting in their collaborative album release. They can sound gentle, angry, with deep lyrics or easy – these twelve song work. I miss a bit of an even stronger catch here and there. But especially if you like blues and blues rock, you will majorly listen to this album with very positive emotions.


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