Milky Chance – Living In A Haze

Milky Chance - Living in a Haze



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice range of sounds
  • Two great international collaborations
  • Very characteristic Milky Chance sound

In November 2022, right after my birthday, a German world-class band was in focus of my coverage. One day after I met Milky Chance for a Spotlight interview, I was able to cover their show in Cologne from the photo pit. Now, Clemens and Philipp are back with their new album. Living in a Haze will be released on 9th June 2023. I had a listen.


Milky Chance – About The Artists

Milky Chance are a folktronica / folk rock band from Kassel in Germany. Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch started as school band. Their global success Stolen Dance was in fact published short after they finished school. The song has over one billion streams on Spotify, the music video has some 880 million views on YouTube. Their 2013 debut album Sadnecessary had golden records in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, but also in the United States. The duo is touring globally. Living in a Haze is their fourth studio album, released some three and a half years after the previous one, Mind the Moon. You can learn more about them especially in my interview with them.


Milky Chance – Living in a Haze – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 36 minutes. Half of the songs have already been released

1. Living In A Haze

The title track is opening the 2023 Milky Chance album. I should be dancing the night away – the song reminds me of Stolen Dance, but feels more mature, also more complex than the band’s biggest success.

2. Golden

Golden is the second song in a block of four previously released songs, which are opening the album. The sound is comparably slow. Strummed guitar chords mix up with synth elements. The result is the typical laid back Milky Chance sound, which already feels special due to the incredible vocal sound by Clemens Rehbein.

3. Purple Tiger

The Purple Tiger has some ballad-alike elements, but overall is too groovy and too much made to move to the sound of the music. I enjoy the parts, which come with a wider instrumentation, much more than

4. Colorado

Colorado was the second single released out of the Living in a Haze. Thus, the fourth song, which made us dance in summer 2022 already feels like a good friend already. And it feels it could boost the summer of 2023 as well.

5. Favorite Song

The Favorite Song is the shortest track of the album. Despite the just 2:13 minute duration, the track leaves quite a mark while listening. The chorus is a cool catch, the guitars are nicely driving the sound and rather remind of an indie-rocker.

6. Synchronize

Synchronize is the earliest single release you find on this album. Milky Chance shared this song in March 2022 already. A very pop-ish track with the typical strong rhythm and groove by the Germans. And – unlike other songs – a track you still absolutely love listening to one year later.

7. Better Off

Better Off is another song, which nicely balances between slow, intimate parts and very dance-able, rhythmic moments. The school friends work a lot with synth sounds in here. The seventh song stays your mind, way after it is over.

8. Flicker In The Dark (feat. Fatoumata Diawara)

The album features two songs with guest musicians. The first one is the eighth track, Flicker In The Dark, for which the Germans work with Fatoumata Diawara. The artist from Mali is known as a singer-songwriter and actor and even already had a Top 100 chart entry in the United Kingdom. This collaboration is really cool with a very nice own style…. And sometimes, it is just a good idea to add some girl power to your music.

9. Like A Clown

Like A Clown is one of my favorite songs of the album. It comes with a lovely ease and a great vibes. You just can’t stop to the vibes of the track. Nice feel-good sound.

10. Feeling For You

A cool sound, summer vibes and a song which makes you smile. Sometimes I feel that Milky Chance just cannot do bad songs if they go for their typical style and their massive talents. This one is definitely enjoyable as well.

11. History Of Yesterday (feat. Charlotte Cardin)

The second collaboration on Living in a Haze is with Canadian Charlotte Cardin. She is from Montreal and already had hits in Canada in French and English. This Trans-Atlantic co-work is outstanding and one of the best songs of the album. The song still feels very Milky Chance-alike, but Charlotte Cardin nonetheless adds a lot of the way she is doing music.

12. Frequency Of Love

Frequency Of Love completes the dozen of songs. The song starts very slow. Later synth sounds, vocal distortion and a lot of echo create a very atmospheric sound. Living in a Haze is definitely closed with a unique listen.


Milky Chance – Living in a Haze – Spotify

Here is Living in a Haze on Spotify:


Milky Chance – Living in a Haze – My View

Milky Chance present a wide range of songs. They partially present them in new styles, the two collaborations are cool. Their 2023 album does not have a big hit like their debut one, but it is a good and fluent listen.


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