The Wandering Hearts – Mother

The Wandering Hearts - Mother



3.5/5 Pros

  • Very nice vocal collaboration
  • Characteristic sound with some good songs Cons

  • Too few highlight tracks

In the mid to late 2010’s, The Wandering Hearts felt like one of the most promising country acts based in the United Kingdom. With the departure of the amazing Tim Prottey-Jones, they moved slightly out of the focus of the international country music scene. Will a new album change that? Mother has been released on 22nd March 2024. Here is my review.


The Wandering Hearts – About The Artists

The Wandering Hearts are a British country and Americana band, which has been founded in 2015. Tim Prottey-Jones ran into Tara Wilcox (now: vocals), who soon added A.J. Dean (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Francesca Chess Whiffin to the project. The initial success, also with their 2018 debut album Wild Silence, was massive. For example, within a few days, they played in the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. They were the first British band to play these two stages within a week. At the end of 2018, Tim Prottey-Jones left the band and The Wandering Hearts worked on as a trio. The band released a self-titled album in 2021 (both albums are also available as a deluxe version).


The Wandering Hearts – Mother – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 43 minutes.

1. About America

The first two songs of the album have already been shared with the fans of the trio. The opener is driven by strumming guitars and polyphonic vocals. The song has a touch of the 1970’s – which is not too surprising. The promotion campaign of Mother named the album a long-lost seventies album originally made in Laurel Canyon and dusted off in some vintage London record store 50 years later. I feel a bit of dust still in this song, though.

2. Still Waters

The sound of the album does not generally change with Still Waters, but the dream-folk alike sound is getting a less monotonous with the more rhythmic style of the song. The Wandering Hearts take you away into their very own world of music. I prefer this one significantly over About America.

3. Tired

The body gets tired
The mind has had enough
I need to hide away
Even from the ones I love
Please forgive me
I’ll be better than I am
I just get so tired

The third song Tired has a bit of a country music touch, but also feels stronger like the decade some fifty years ago. The vocal collaboration in the song is lovely. We are rather in the earily 1970’s with this song. The stronger presence of the guitar later in the song does have a nice touch.

4. Letter To Myself

Letter To Myself is another single release. If you look back to the early works of The Wandering Hearts as a quartet, this song is likely so far the closest to it. Thus, it may make the fans smile during the listen.

5. Hold Your Tongue

The 04:33 minute track Hold Your Tongue feels special in the chronology of the album. The song does convince with the same collaboration, but is more rocking, louder and thus also more present. Nonetheless, it still illustrates the potential of the band to create beautiful melodies.

6. Waiting

Waiting is opened by the voice of A.J. Dean, before the ladies join in. Dean is staying in the role of the leading vocalist in here. Together with some strings and other instruments, the sixth track creates a beautiful Americana ballad.

7. Dance Again

Even though the title Dance Again might suggest a rather snappy track, the seventh track on Mother is a rather melancholic one. I don’t get into this song as well as into others, unfortunately.

We almost didn’t make it
But will dance together again
I hated the fair-weather friend
Now we’re lying naked
There’s no chance that we’ll ever lose
If we choose to then, we’ll dance again

8. Not Misunderstood

After Dance Again, the album features two additional single releases. Based on the full experience on the album, Not Misunderstood is rather on the uptempo side. Especially the vocal break-outs by A.J. Dean create a touch of energy and a dramatic plot.

9. River To Cry

Just when I started to struggle with the album, the British trio. The song is a lovely folk track with a good story and a nice plot. This January 2024 single release has been co-written by Dee Adam and Jack Perry. I feel they do give a nice different touch to the trio – without leaving the 1970’s style too much.

10. Will You Love Me

If I’m sure to laugh at all your jokes
If I mend you when you’re feeling broke
If I promise this is what I’ll do
Will you love me like I do you?

The tenth song is turning the listen back to a very emotional level. The gentle vocals of this piano ballad create a very intimate and fragile touch. Definitely a song you may use for the romantic moments in life.

11. What Fools Believe

The closing track comes with some stronger vibes and a clear touch of folk music. The song feels like a nice, easy listen with a pop-ish melody. A nice alternative to the songs before.


The Wandering Hearts – Mother – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Wandering Hearts – Mother – Track by Track

I am sorry, guys. There are some good ingredients in Mother – but the album does not touch me as much as I should do. Quite a lot of songs feel rather brave and miss a certain touch of something special. Mother does come with some good tracks and overall nice work on the vocal side, but it does not make to the top of my ratings.

Favorite Song: River To Cry


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