Kalie Shorr – I Got Here By Accident EP

Kalie Shorr - I Got Here By Accident



3.8/5 Pros

  • Great rock / alt rock sound
  • Five powerful, straight, fun songs Cons

  • Songs are too close to each other

When I saw the press release about the new EP by Kalie Shorr, I just had to smile: doesn’t I Got Here By Accident somehow be a great match for a Friday, the 13th? Fans of Kalie and country / country rock lovers can listen to her new songs from 13th August 2021 onward.


Kalie Shorr – About The Artist

Kalie Shorr was born on 11th July 1994 in Portland, Maine. She already started writing songs in her childhood years. At the age of fifteen, she started a professional career in music. At 19, she moved to Nashville. During her early ages, he won Maine’s Got Talent, was part of the Song Suffragettes concert series and also played for Let The Girls Play. Her first successful release was the 2016 single Fight Like A Girl, which was also part of her second EP The Y2k Mixtape. The song has almost one million views on YouTube only. In 2019, Kalie Shorr released her debut album Open Book, which has been re-released in 2020. I Got Here by Accident is her fifth EP release overall.


Kalie Shorr – I Got Here By Accident – Track by Track

The five song album lasts fifteen minutes.

1. Amy

The EP starts with the quite successful single release Amy, which has about a quarter million streams on Spotify already. Not too much country music touch in here – but Kalie Shorr does great in alternative rock music. Definitely more Avril Lavigne than Dolly Parton in here.

2. I Heard You Got A Girl

The title track of the song tells the key message of the story already. The good, old “My ex got another one” thing. This version of the story comes with a slightly stronger country / Americana touch than the opener – but Kalie Shorr will likely still gather more love at the headbanger than at the boot lovers.

3. I Hate The Way This Feels

Okay, the chances of some powerful country music by Kalie Shorr are slightly fading. But hey – she is rocking really well. Just relabel my love and enjoy. Good, straight s rock track.

4. Love Child

You may spot Kalie Shorr’s country roots in this second single release here and there. But I Got Here By Accident is no accident by a country girl, she is just doing her thing in five tracks. The first four episodes of this musical trip are not bad at all.

5. Alibi

There were four tracks of fun and straight tracks – and the closing song Alibi feels to be nothing but the encore with some extra fun. Fast, rhythmic, catching… means good!


Kalie Shorr – I Got Here By Accident – Spotify

Here is I Got Here By Accident on Spotify:


Kalie Shorr – I Got Here By Accident – My View

I Got Here by Accident is less country music than I expected, but definitely as much fun as I hoped to get from this listen. Kalie Shorr is doing a great rock sound. The songs could represent a wider range of sounds and songs, though. Apart from that, this is just a really nice listen.


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