The Vaccines – Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations

The Vaccines - Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very fluent indie-rock listen
  • Good, straight sound

Some two years after The Vaccines released their latest album Back In Love City, they are back with new songs. Their 2024 album is named Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations and has been released on 12th January 2024. Let’s have a listen together to the new tracks by the British indie-rock band.


The Vaccines – About The Artists

The Vaccines have been founded in London. Their current line-up consists of lead singer and guitarist Justin Young, Arni Arnason (bass), Timothy Lanham (guitars, keys) and drummer Yoann Intonti. I have you some more bio about the band in my Back In Love City review already. Since that time, the band also released an EP, Planet of Youth in 2022.


The Vaccines – Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations – Track by Track

The ten trsack album lasts 32 minutes.

1. 1 Sometimes I Swear

I wrote this review in a plane to Los Angeles, just after I reviewed the amazing album Fifteen by Al Lewis before. I am very thankful that this song has a slow start before it gets into the typical indie rock sound of The Vaccines. Maybe, I wouldn’t have been able to stand the transition in another scenario. That would have been a shame – Sometimes I swear is a really good track.

2. Heartbreak Kid

The first three songs of the album feature single releases. Heartbreak Kid is a bit more speedy, driven by the steady rhythm given by Yoann Intonti. Justin Young’s style on the microphone reminds me of some early The Killers songs. Good one.

3. Lunar Eclipse

The main guitar theme feels almost too playful and easy after you listened to the first two songs. However, when the bass drums are hitting a hard rhythm latest, The Vaccines take use back to their typical sound. I definitely enjoy the listen.

4. Discount De Kooning (Last One Standing)

Maybe we should keep on dancing, I feel that something good is gonna happen – this one is about a great night experience. The song is definitely having a lot of potential being a future fan favorite. Nice listen.

5. Primitive Man

With Primitive Man, the sound of Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations gets a bit rougher. The band uses more distortion, especially on the instruments. However, the basic structure and feel of the songs stays the same – and with the chorus latest, the band is presenting one of these beautiful, catching melodies. Love it.

6. Sunkissed

The chorus of Sunkissed almost feels kitschy and pop-ish. Or to say it more positively: it has a certain additional beauty. Again, the London band does great in telling a story and putting it in their sound.

7. Another Nightmare

When I listened to the first tunes of Another Nightmare the first time, the song initially did not feel to add too much value to the album to me. But then, there was the chorus. So many choruses on this album are so incredibly catching and good. However, I feel that the mixture or rocking elements, a great melody and vocal presence is one of the very best in this song. Lovely.

8. Love To Walk Away

Love To Walk Away is just 2:08 minutes. The song has nonetheless been features as a single already – and I would abslutely agree to this choice. The song feels very straight and compact and again reaches its climax in the chorus. Nice.

9. The Dreamer

Due to the verses I was managing your expectations on a pick-up full of pink carnations, The Dreamer is somehow taking the role of the title track of the album. The song has a nice melody and also a lot of potential to party with fans on future The Vaccines concerts.

10. Anonymous in Los Feliz

All good things come to an end – in this album, it is after ten songs. Anonymous in Los Feliz feels like a characteristic track for this album. This also means that especially the chours stays in your mind and makes you smile. That’s never a too bad thing.


The Vaccines – Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Vaccines – Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations – My View

The 2024 album by The Vaccines is a very fluent listen. There are no interruptions, weak spots, something disturbing. The British band simply creates an enjoyable sound in their musical language. An absolutely solid and reliable listen.

Favorite Song: The Dreamer


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