My Country Music Picks (17th June 2020)

It’s already about a month since my last Country Music Picks in May 2020. Covid-19 has been the dominating topic at those days in Nashville – currently, it seems that George Floyd’s killing / murder pushed the topic about political correctness and anti-racism. This even lead to explicit comments on the (in my point of view) unfortunate Lady Antebellum renaming.

Motivated by some tweets of my dear Lauren Jenkins, I started to mark Women Country postings explicitly. I still feel to gather facts how it is like to grow as a young artist in Nashville and whether girls really have a tougher time at Cumberland River. Nonetheless, it was pure coincidence that all songs I collected over the last weeks are performed by female artists. Hope you like my June 2020 collection of songs – there are some really great ones in this set. And – by the way – this is the 750th posting, which I published on


Sylvia Aimee – Lonely Battle

I ran into the music of Sylvia Aimee, as I during the Amsterdam Maren Morris show 2019, I was standing next to a person, who is in fact a friend of her. Her songs fascinate me. I selected her 2019 EP Superhero to be my favorite EP of the year and in our recent Spotlight interview, the Dutch artist again proofed her amazing character. For the World Eatin.  g Discorders Action Day on 2nd June 2020, Aimee released her autobiographic Lonely Battle. Spine-tingling! To me, Lonely Battle is currently the top candidate for my song of the year 2020.


Julia Cole – White Pearls

I really enjoyed Julia Cole’s supporting act set at the James Barker Band concert in Zurich in November 2019White Pearls is her current single. Lovely track, I also have a nice acoustic version of it. Hope you like this single cut of it as well.


Dolly Parton – When Life Is Good Again

When it comes to female country music, you just cannot touch this topic without mentioning legendary Dolly Parton. Her Covid-19 song is When Life Is Good Again – one of the best country songs about this topic I heard about definitely. Just an amazing legend!


Carly Pearce – Cowboy Take Me Away

Carly Pearce, who opened at my very first US country festival in Lexington, will always be a very special artist to me. Cowboy Take Me Away is – of course – a Dixie Chicks classic. I recently had the song on, interpreted by Sarah Darling in her very intimate Campfire Session style.Carly Pearce does it the Carly Pearce way – and I really, really like that.


Zoee – This Time (Live In The Field)

The last minute addition to this collection of videos and songs is the latest music video by Australian Zoee, who is living in the United Kingdom. I just love the video recording of this song, which has really been taken live in a field, together with her dogs. Amazing artist and person, cool song and a lovely recording.


Mickey Guyton – Black Like Me

George Floyd’s killing and the Black Lives Matter campaign hit Nashville heavily. One song which came up during that time was Mickey Guyton’s amazing Black Like Me – a song which I just had to share due to that reason in these Country Music Picks.


Whitney Duncan – All She Wants

The former Nashville Star TV show finalist recently released her new single All She Wants. I ran into the song due to my work on the New Country Hits Playlist. I love the power of the song, very nice and catching track.


Honey County – Woke Up Tired

Honey Country are just an amazing female trio to me. Their recent Woke Up Tired is another great track by the ladies. Absolutely enjoy to listen to it.


Twinnie – I Love You Now Change (Acoustic)

And then there is Twinnie. The Featured Artist is definitely one of the people I miss most during these strange Corona days – a great heart (even though a bit of chaotic), a great heart and a superb performer – you just feel her on-stage background. I Love You Now Change has already been released as part of her Hollywood Gypsy album – this acoustic version is even more intense.



Title picture: Sylvia Aimee – Lonely Battle screenprint (YouTube)


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