Rockmann – One Guitar Hit EP

Rockmann - One Guitar Hit



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very versatile album
  • Good production
  • Nice voice Cons

  • No top level song

Country pop from Nigeria? That really sounded interesting – and as the sound of the first snippets I listened to did not feel too bad, I just had to have a listen into One Guitar Hit, the second EP by Rockmann. The release date has been 30th December 2021.


Rockmann – About The Artist

Unfortunately, my information about the artist is very limited. Rockmann is originally from Ilesa, Osun State, in Nigeria, but he is managed by a German record company. The first Rockmann single I found is the 2018 Write Me Off. In June 2021, he released his first EP, Victory To History. Thus, after a Christmas single release (Merriment), this is not only his second EP, but also the first EP in rather short time.


Rockmann – One Guitar Hit – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Time

With Time, the EP starts with a “What the f*ck” moment (sorry!) to me. you may have quite some thoughts how Nigerian country-pop could sound alike… But Time is very different. On one hand, the brushed drums and the falling steel guitar lines feel so old-fashioned, but on the other hand, the song is pop-ish and catchy. It takes some beats to get into the sound of the song – but the more I listened to it, the more I started to enjoy the song.

2. I Will Fly

When Rockmann adds the electronic samples to I Will Fly, his song strongly reminds me of Avicii’s Wake Me Up. A song, which is clearly pop music and does not feel like country music at all. But it feels like smiling, dancing, summer… And I love to fly anway – how could I dare not to enjoy this song?

3. Not A Tear

Not A Tear is a very modern song, which rather mid-tempo. A ballad with intense work on the percussion side, which thus feels like a mixture of country, rock and folk music element. Very emotional performance. Nice one.

4. Title It

The rather warm sounding voice of Rockmann give a nice soul touch to this song. Other tracks on this album might be more present at first sight – but Title It is not a bad one.

5. Carry On

Carry On has a nice ease. The lyrics also feel more pop-alike. The song is definitely rather recorded to create some happy mood, even though the simple chorus has a certain level of richness.

6. One Guitar Hit

The EP closes with its title track. A good melody, but unfortunately the song gives me a bit of the feeling that it is never really starting off to its full potential. Bad luck.


Rockmann – One Guitar Hit – Streaming

Apart from the promo I received digitally, I unfortunately did not find the EP on digital streaming platforms. You may find the One Guitar Hit on the YouTube channel of the record company, though (see YouTube videos above).


Rockmann – One Guitar Hit – My View

One Guitar Hit is a nice collection of songs with very different characters. Rockmann shows some really nice potential, which may not be top class yet, but has a very unique and special sound. Definitely an EP, which is fun listening to and making you look forward to future releases of the artist. I like it, for sure.


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