Vic Allen – Enough EP



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice collection of four songs
  • Nice songwriting and good voice Cons

  • Just one new song

British independent country music artist Vic Allen is not just a lovely person and friend of mine, but also a great and talented artist. On 18th October, she released a new EP, Enough. Here is my view on four new tracks by Vic.


Vic Allen – About The Artist

I wrote quite a lot about Vic already, for example when I reviewed her Write Like A Girl concert in Camden, London. As said above, Vic is an independent artist. The Enough EP sums up some new songs and two ones, which have been previously released. There are numerous songs I like from her, the video below is a 2018 one, Blinded.


Vic Allen – Enough – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Enough

The EP starts with the title track, which has in fact been released about two months ago already. I like that song, it is fun to listen to, easy and light, but still having a good sound. Nice one!

2. Talk

Talk is likely my all-time favorite song by Vic Allen, so I have to like that one. I featured it already in my April 2019 Country Music Picks.

3. Ghost Town

Ghost Town was part of my August 2019 Country Music Picks and is currently part of my Country Music Playlists. It is originally a fail, because Vic composed it for a songwriters contest and did not advance – but it is a lovely fail, definitely!

4. Give Up

The fourth track is an acoustic one – and the only track I haven’t been listening to before. Aww, it shoes so much how skilled this girl is. The pure arrangement of an acoustic guitar, her lovely voice – love it!


Vic Allen – Enough – Spotify

You can listen to the full EP on Spotify:


Vic Allen – Enough – My View

Vic did a good compilation of songs definitely. I like that there four different styles and characters in this sampler of her work. Talk and Ghost Town are outstanding tracks, but I absolutely like the two other ones as well. On the downside, three out of four songs were known already and I would have loved to listen to one or two more pieces of her work. But no need to argue, this is a good piece of investment at Spotify, iTunes, Amazon or wherever you buy your music. Country Music Reviews

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