Steve Lukather – Bridges

Steve Lukather - Bridges



4.7/5 Pros

  • Lovely classic rock with a clear Toto signature
  • Outstanding "All Forevers Must End" Cons

  • Slightly weaker finale

One of the most memorable moments of 2023 so far to me has been being at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto in March 2023. With Journey and Toto, there have been two absolute legends of rock music on stage. Of course, there was also Steve Lukather, the only continuous founding member of Toto. This only turns him to a legend of music. If that’s not enough, he worked in the Ringo Starr band or was a contributor to huge Michael Jackson albums like Thriller. On 16th June 2023, Lukather released his ninth solo studio album Bridges. I just had to have a listen.


Steve Lukather – About The Artist

Steven Lee Lukather is a US-American musician, songwriter, singer and producer, born on 21st October 1957 in San Fernando Valley, Greater Los Angeles. At the age of 17, he already became a professional musician, doing the first steps with Toto. The band has been one of the most important acts of the late 1970’s and all 1980’s, releasing global hits like Hold The LineAfrica or Rosanna. Steve Lukather released his solo debut, a self-titled album, in 1989. His most recent solo studio album has been I Found The Sun Again, which Lukather released in 2021.


Steve Lukather – Bridges – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Far From Over

The album is intended to be close to the sound of Toto – and Steve Lukather played it safe. Most of the songs feature both current permanent members of the band, David Paich and Joseph Williams. Paich is missing in a few ones, like the opener Far From Over. Thus, the album might be a treat for Toto – there are statements that Toto will never release a new album, interesting way of relabeling the things. Indeed, the melodic, rocking style of Far From Over would have easily fit into the Toronto concert set – only the real Toto fans would have recognized that something is wrong. Thus, Tot… Lukather is giving me an enjoyable beginning.

2. Not My Kind Of People

The second song is simply cool. There is a powerful, very energetic main riffs, which change with almost melancholic moments. Other parts of the song remind of find. And then, there is the safe spot, the chorus. Don’t put a label on it… Simply enjoy.

3. Someone

Someone is one of the two single releases which teased Bridges. The four minute song is rather slow, comes with a fairy-alike atmosphere. A very gentle listen, which beautifully works with a great arrangement of keyboard and guitar sounds.

4. All Forevers Must End

All Forevers Must End already opens with beautiful guitar theme – classic rock fans and Toto lovers just have to feel welcome from the very first moment. To cut it short, this song is the masterpiece of the album to me. A stunning ballad, which could have boosted any of the big Toto albums. Must-listen!

5. When I See You Again

The intro of the other single release on the album, When I See You Again, makes me feel I am back in that Toronto show. What a great way to step into music, no matter if you call it a Lukather or a Toto song. The chorus stays in your mind. If you love the 1980’s, this one will be another safe great listen.

6. Take My Love

Take My Love creates a much more intimate song. You would love to see this one being performed in a small little club. The style of the song adds jazz and blues elements to the Bridges album.

7. Burning Bridges

The touch of jazz and intimacy stays on to the second last track, which feels to be the hidden title track. Nice, virtuous music – but overall, I deal better with some of the other listens.

8. I’ll never know

The closing song is another ballad, which is increasingly working with dramatic and theatrical elements.Nice way to fade out the album, even though I again feel that some excellent songs in here make it feel weaker than it actually is.


Steve Lukather – Bridges – Spotify

Here is Bridges on Spotify:


Steve Lukather – Bridges – My View

Bridges is a cool listen. If you like Toto, it is a must. If you are into classic rock, there are not too many doubts to put it on our playlist as well. The only thing which is finally confusing is that it simply feels like a very good Toto album.


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