Inverness Cathedral (Pictured Story)

The musical Rock of Ages lead me to several places, especially while chasing the U.K. Tour. In fall 2022, I had a lovely weekend in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately, I did have limited time and could not visit the distilleries and hunt Nessie in Loch Ness. However, during my walk through the city center, I also had a detailed detour to Inverness Cathedral – or St. Andrew’s Cathedral, what is the official name. In my Pictured Story, I take you to this lovely piece of architecture.


Inverness Cathedral – Location & Admission

Inverness is located very centrally right West of the River Ness. Most city center attractions are just a short walk away from the religious building. The closest public transport stop is bus stop King Street, which is served by bus lines driven by different operators. There is a car park South of the attraction.

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Inverness Cathedral / St. Andrew’s Cathedral is typically open daily from 8:00 to 19:00. In summer and spring, there is even an opening at 7:30. The shop and the cafe facilities next to the church are open from 9:00 to 16:00. You do pay admission to enter the cathedral, which is 2 GBP per adult.


Inverness Cathedral – Views from Outside

Inverness Cathedral is a church by the Scottish Episcopal Church and is seat of a bishop. Bishop Robert Eden decided to start the construction of the church which has been completed in 1869.


Inside Inverness Cathedral

I liked the not that old-fashioned style of the church inside. There are still quite some ornaments and statues, which definitely give you an enjoyable and interesting visit. Especially the front area around the altar is quite interesting. The church windows are rather traditional, but nice to watch as well – especially on a sunny day when the windows illuminate the inside of the building.

One thing I really liked is how the church tries to make the visit attractive for younger visitors. Thus, small plush figures of mice are spread around the inside of Inverness Cathedral. Apart from that, there is an area for children in the rear of it.


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