Arny Margret – they only talk about the weather

Arny Margret - they only talk about the weather




Since I ran into her song akureyri in my Songs of the Week feature as of 28th January 2022, I really loved to listen to the music of the Icelandic artist Arny Margret. After I enjoyed listening to her EP intertwined in February this year, I was looking forward to have a listen to her debut album as well. Here are my thoughts about they only talk about the weather, which is released on 21st October 2022.


Arny Margret – About The Artist

Arny Margret is an Icelandic artists, who is originally from the Westfjords on the very Northwest tip of the country. Unfortunately, my bio information about the young artist is very sparse.


Arny Margret – they only talk about the weather – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. whatever it means

If you liked intertwined, then you will likely feel very comfortable with the opener whatever it means as well. Arny Margret is spreading the warmth of her beautiful, gentle voice and does not need much more than this and her acoustic guitar to create a magical atmosphere. Lovely listen.

2. cold aired breeze

Compared to other Arny Margret songs, cold aired breeze uses a rather bold arrangement. Especially the backing organ sounds and the brushed drumming turns the song into a beautiful 4:44 minute folk song with a certain jazz touch. Great listen, even though the folk music style is doming more and more dominant over the duration of the song.

3. balcony

I used to watch the trees from the balcony are the first words of this slow song. During the four minutes playtime of the song, Arny Margret develops a beautiful story with a lot of thoughts and emotions. Give her a listen, the song definitely deserves it.

4. sniglar

If you only know the word sniglar from the Ikea crib, you might have missed that it is the Swedish word for snails. Not too surprisingly, it has the same meaning in Icelandic. The song also contains the wording Killing snails with a stick. The word sniglar does not play an important role in this nice listen, though.

5. the wind was blowing

Apart from the cold aired breezed, the album so far presents slow, intimate and personal songs. Even though the wind was blowing is using some keys in addition to the typical guitar sounds, it is not really an exception to it. I love it.

6. the world is between us

The sixth song is the second song featured already on this album. The song has more radio character without loosing the typical signature of the Icelandic artist. But I wanna see the sun the way you see it – lyrics like this increase the very personal character of Arny Margret tracks.

7. they only talk about the weather

The seventh song is the title track of the album. Interestingly, this core track is also the shortest track of the Arny Margret’s full length debut. But I hate to leave – and I hate to stay. The song is full of inner conflict about the decision to move.

8. ties

Melodically, ties reminds of cold aired breeze. The piano, however, is much more presence in this song. I feel that this is a really nice and persuading arrangement for a song of this artist.

9. untitled

Okay, 3:39 without a title here. Or is the title of the ninth track untitled? Just kidding. This one is another beautiful singer-songwriter story.

10. abandoned

they only talk about the weather closes with its longest listen, abandoned. The track is a masterpiece on the vocal side to me. Thus, I love Arny for closing her debut album in this way.


Arny Margret – they only talk about the weather – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:



Arny Margret – they only talk about the weather – My View

The album is just what I expected. Beautiful songs, emotionally and very intimately presented stories. The focus is on the them, the instruments add what is needed to support the message. Arny Margret is such a lovely and talented artist. Her album beautifully illustrates that only one thing is missing: even more stories of this Icelandic lady. Great one.


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